Kevin Durant, Mike Conley: Top 5 NBA Free Agents For 2016 Offseaon

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Kevin Durant
(Photo : Getty Images/Ronald Martinez) Here are the top five NBA free agents for 2016.

With only a few hours left until July 1, the official start of the NBA offseason will begin. While players such as LeBron James and Andre Drummond will be free agents, they aren't expected to go anywhere. But these five players may have a chance at moving to a new team. Check out the top five free agents below.

5. Hassan Whiteside

When it comes to centers, Andre Drummond is the best free agent but at just 22 years old, don't expect the Pistons to let their restricted free agent go somewhere else. Enter one of the next best options at center: Hassan Whiteside. The 27-year-old clearly has the numbers to play (14 PPG, 11.8 RPG and 3.7 BPG) but his character has been questioned.

4. Al Horford

Easily one of the game's best centers, Horford put up 15 PPG and 7 RPG while playing all 82 games last season. While Horford's Hawks have had success making the playoffs, winning series have become difficult for the team. Horford may have had enough of Atlanta and could look to sign with a contender.

3. DeMar DeRozan

Shooting guard DeMar DeRozan averaged 23 points last season but with the Toronto Raptors failing to succeed in the NBA Playoffs for multiple years, it may be time for DeRozan to move on. The 26-year-old guard could be a great fit for many teams. While some think DeRozan may head to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers, many believe he'll stay in Toronto.

2. Mike Conley

Any team that needs a point guard will be going after Mike Conley. At just 28 years old, Conley is a good defender, good shooter, a smart player and a team leader. The Memphis Grizzlies will try everything they can to keep Conley but as we all know, money and winning talks.

1. Kevin Durant

Similar to when LeBron James decided to leave Cleveland, Durant has many potential suitors in different cities. From his current team in Oklahoma City, to the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Clippers, almost every NBA team is interested in KD. While it was originally thought that Durant may head to his hometown Washington Wizards, the team has reportedly fallen out of contention in the KD sweepstakes. With the Thunder recently acquiring Victor Oladipo from the Orlando Magic, Durant's best bet may be to stay put.

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