'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: 3 Things To Expect In 'DBS' Ep. 50! Black Goku Destroys Time Machine?

Future Trunks
(Photo : Twitter/@DB_super2015) "Dragon Ball Super" episode 50 will see Goku face-off against Black Goku. It also appears that he'll notice a certain someone's time machine ...

The end of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 49 saw Black Goku arrive in the main "Dragon Ball" timeline. The battle between he and Goku is all set to begin.

Here are 3 things you can expect to happen in "DBS" episode 50:

3. Goku And Black Goku Fight

Black Goku and Goku are about to get into some serious fighting, and we'll finally get a good look at how the time-traveling villain compares to our hero. From the looks of the trailer, Goku manages to gain the upperhand.

Unfortunately for Goku and friends, Black Goku might be hiding something. According to Gojiitaaf's translations of a "DBS" episode 50 preview, Black Goku isn't taking his fight with Goku seriously. If you pay close attention to the trailer for this week's "DBS" episode, you'll see Black Goku crack a smile, which lends credence to Gojiitaaf's translation. Is Black Goku up to something?

2. Beerus And Whis Notice Black Goku's Time Traveling Ring

According to Gojiitaaf's translation of another "DBS" episode 50 preview, Beerus and Whis will notice Black Goku's time-traveling ring. Supposedly, they make the claim that only Supreme Kais have those rings, which will give us our biggest clue regarding Black Goku's identity.

1. Black Goku Destroys Future Trunks' Time Machine

According to Gojiitaaf, Black Goku notices Future Trunks' time machine at some point during "DBS" episode 50. This could spell huge trouble for Future Trunks and the Z-fighters, because he should be able to deduce that the yellow vehicle is a time machine. If he does so, his next move might be to destroy the machine, which would mean Future Trunks wouldn't be able to travel to the future! We're not 100 percent certain that Black Goku will make this move, but don't be surprised if he does.

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