'Pokemon Sun And Moon': 5 Must-Haves For The July Reveal - Starter News, New Features And More

"Pokemon Sun And Moon" Starters
(Photo : The Pokemon Company/Nintendo/YouTube) "Pokemon Sun And Moon" news is coming on July 1, and there are a few things we want to see during the showcase. Above all, we hope for fresh starter details and hints about what makes these games unique. "Pokemon Sun And Moon" come to 3DS on Nov. 18.

"Pokemon Sun And Moon" are the focus of a major reveal on July 1, so we've compiled a list of five must-haves for the showcase. From starter details to new features, here are a few things we want confirmed on Friday!

1) Starter Talk

The world fell in love with Popplio, Rowlet and Litten a few months back, but it's seriously time to start lifting the curtain on starter specifics. The water, grass and fire main typologies continue, but what are the secondary classifications? So far, we've only seen website leaks on the subject that appear to be incorrect. What additional layer of strategy will these companions bring to my team?

Second to that is the prospect of evolutions. The whole philosophy behind a starter is the growth it experiences as the player improves. It's not yet known how this new trio transforms. That change will almost assuredly bleed into secondary types. Not everything has to be shown off at once, but at least say something new and substantial about all three starters.

2) New Pokemon/Pokemon Details

During E3, we were introduced to four early-game monsters: Pikipek, Yungoos, Grubbin and Magearna. They were fun to look at, but, honestly, they didn't really inspire much of a reaction. Their designs didn't suggest party members that would add something that didn't exist before. In that case, we need to either see evolutions of this existing group or new creatures that are radically different. Show us a new Pokemon that sets the Internet on fire!

If that's not possible, then at least give "Sun And Moon" players something to aspire to. Tell us precisely how many fresh variants exist in this generation. If that number is more than the 72 new species of "X and Y," the prospect of totally unpredictable wild encounters will leave franchise enthusiasts feeling giddy!

3) Where Does Battle Royal Fit?

The E3 2016 stream also premiered a brand new 4v4 multiplayer mode called Battle Royal. We learned how its basic mechanics function, but we didn't see enough of it in action to know what the intent behind this mode is. Is it just a fun little distraction for groups of friends to experiment with, or is this something that's deep enough to be the future of the competitive scene?

(Photo : The Pokemon Company/Nintendo/YouTube)

It'd be nice to get a more detailed explanation of Royal if there is one to be had. Better yet, this new battle system sounds so foreign that maybe a free demo is appropriate. Fans and influencers alike could get a feel for this new gameplay style to actually deduce what Battle Royal means for the franchise.

4) Character Customization

We've been teased about "Sun And Moon's" character customization features in the past, but we still haven't seen how in-depth they are. Longtime fans of the series are especially dying to make a trainer that truly expresses their unique style. Since avatars are shown at all times during battle, will a new customization suite make that point of view worthwhile?

There's been lots of demand for a free-reign character creation system that really gets into the weeds of body design and apparel. Might this be the first time in the series that players don't have gender restrictions on clothing? Whether one loves or hates the idea, it'd be an interesting announcement to make!

5) A New Campaign Feature

Battle Royal showed us how the Pokemon Company intends to revitalize multiplayer, but what about the single-player campaign? Given what we've seen of gameplay so far, there's literally nothing new to speak of. The trainer arrives at a new region with the goal of being a Pokemon master. When he or she begins that journey, a new cast of characters is introduced to establish a narrative.

That tried and true formula has been enjoyable for decades, but show us something new that truly separates "Pokemon Sun And Moon" from "X and Y." What is the reason to buy this game on such an old handheld? Especially considering the onslaught of new features that "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild" brings to a classic franchise, we want to see one thing that truly shakes up the established universe.

"Pokemon Sun And Moon" come to 3DS on Nov. 18.

What do you hope to see from the July reveal? Do you want starter evolutions and new features? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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