Rosetta Scientists Create Putrid Eau De Comet Perfume

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  • Jun, 29, 2016, 07:30 AM
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Rosetta Comet
(Photo : Getty Images News/Handout) Scientists from the team studying Rosetta's comet have branched out into a new field - perfume making.

Scientists from the team studying Rosetta's comet have branched out into a new field - perfume making.

The Rosetta spacecraft first landed on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko also known as Rosetta's comet almost two years ago, coming into contact with the unpleasant aromas on the space rock, writes Nature World News.

The spacecraft detected a number of natural gas compounds present on the comet when it landed. These gases include ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen and cyanide, which create a smell similar to sulfur when combined.

While working on the project, the Rosetta mission team scientists came up with the idea to create a perfume based on the comet's smell. They have partnered with The Aroma Company, a scent marketing company, to create the perfume.

Scientist Colin Snodgrass came up with the idea to create the perfume and include the new 67P scent in postcards that can be shipped around the world. This way, people can experience one of the terrible smells that exist in the solar system.

The Rosetta scented postcards would be circulated at London's Summer Science Exhibition -- a free-admission science festival organized by The Royal Society, writes PopSci.

According to a report published in New Scientist, the comet has a "sharp" and "unpleasant" smell that was compared to a "physical presence" inside the reporter's skull.

According to the researchers, the perfume is simply a distillation of the compounds detected on the comet, and is representative of its true odor.

However, as some of the compounds are toxic - including hydrogen cyanide, which has a smell similar to bitter almonds - they were replaced with similar scents.

[They] "picked the things that are the smelliest. If you could smell a comet, this is what you would get, but it would be difficult to actually smell it," said Snodgrass, according to New Scientist.

"If you are standing there without your space suit, you're not going to notice the smell, you're just going to notice the lack of air," he added.

The Rosetta spacecraft was launched into space in 2004, taking 10 years to arrive at Comet 67P on 6 August 2014.

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