'Wayward Pines' Season 2 Spoilers: 5 Reasons Fox Series Is A Huge Failure So Far [POLL]

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(Photo : Frank Ockenfels/FOX (left), Sergei Bachlakov/FOX (right)) Why isn't season 2 of Fox's "Wayward Pines" living up to its season 1 ratings? Here's why.

"Wayward Pines" season 1 was amazing — it was a perfect marriage of all the elements of a racy mystery series. There was a healthy dose of suspense (will Ethan ever get out of this creepy town?), there was a generous cup of mystery (why is there an electric fence?) and there was ample action (the season 1 finale saw the Abbies invade the idyllic town).

Let's face it, season 2 has so far been downright disappointing. The 10-episode season has already aired four episodes, so it seems unlikely that "Wayward Pines" will suddenly turn around and be a hit in just six episodes.

We are not happy and we are certainly not enjoying our time at Wayward Pines. Here's why:

5. The new characters aren't interesting

Ethan Burke was a secret service agent. Theresa Burke was a desperate wife in search of her husband. Pam was a creepy nurse who turned out to be a woman with a heart. David Pilcher was a scientist-turned-dictator. All of these season 1 characters were ripe with complexities and internal conflicts. It was interesting to watch the Fox series peel back layers of these rich characters who were battling for survival.

In contrast, season 2 has a doctor named Theo who just asks a lot of questions, his wife who is mysterious but not mysterious enough for us to care about her, and a teenage leader who is ready to kill anyone who rebels.

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4. There is no mystery or suspense

Season 1 of "Wayward Pines" raised a lot of questions such as why its inhabitants don't talk about the past, why there is an electric fence surrounding the idyllic town and why no one can leave. Now that we know that its residents are living in the year 4028 and flesh-eating Abbies have taken over the world, there is no real mystery or suspense left to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Sure there are some mysteries like why the Abbies dug a pit for Xander or how one Abbie snuck in Wayward Pines. But it isn't enough for us to keep tuning in.

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3. Nobody cares about the Abbies

"Wayward Pines" was a better show when the Abbies were just seen as a threat to humanity. Now we have to learn about these mutant creatures. Yawn.

2. Jason Partic's acting isn't good

Of course no one expects him to act like Matt Dillon in season 1, but at least show us some emotions. In Patric's defense, the writers don't seem to have done their job in creating a complex, intriguing character.

(Photo : Sergei Bachlakov/FOX)

1. "Wayward Pines" keeps killing off all season 1 characters

Everything else can be forgiven but the fact that Fox's "Wayward Pines" killed all its season 1 characters. First, Kate slit her throat in episode 1. Then, Ben Burke was devoured by Abbies in episode 2. Finally, in episode 3, Nurse Pam was killed by Jason, a boy who was like a son to her. We've spent a lot of time in season 1 knowing and loving these characters only to watch them being killed in season 2. Not cool Fox. Not cool.

Fortunately, season 2 hasn't killed Adam Hassler and Theresa (yet).

"Wayward Pines" airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

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