Kendrick Lamar Dissed Drake? Drizzy Blasted K. Dot? Both Crews Almost Went To War, Says Host

Kendrick Lamar
(Photo : Getty Images/Emma McIntyre) Kendrick Lamar and Drake avoided a major beef, said an ESPN host.

Even though they collaborated on the song "Poetic Justice," off the "good kid, m.A.A.D City" album, there have been rumors for years that Kendrick Lamar and Drake don't like each other.

It might have something to do with K. Dot's "Control" verse, where he called Drizzy out. Or it might be due to the fact that the OVO boss implied the verse was overrated.

But despite all of those rumors, neither Lamar or Drake have said anything about an actual beef between them, but ESPN host Marcellus Wiley said that one rapper blasted the other during an interview.

"I can't say what I wanna say, but I'm gonna say it anyways, because my contract is up, and this might give me more money," he said. "All I know is there was a beef, and all I know is I was witness to when the beef would have ignited to proportions we have not seen since Ja Rule, 50. Maybe even Ice Cube, N.W.A."

"They went there," continued Wiley. "But that was destroyed from everyone's property. That was destroyed, that interview, that moment was destroyed. That's all I'm gonna say, but I was there, and I heard the shots fired."

Unfortunately, the ESPN host didn't specify who was talking about who or when this interview actually took place. Was it recent? Was it during the time of "Control?" Hopefully, he'll elaborate in the future, and let us know.

For now, we'll have to do our best to see which rapper was more likely to start a beef and bring his frustrations to the public. Either way, Wiley said that if the interview wasn't erased, it would have started something huge in hip-hop.

"It was one-sided," he explained. "And the other side was about to retaliate if that would've got out, but they destroyed the evidence, and I ain't lying."

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