'The Walking Dead': 5 Reasons Why Morgan Should Replace Rick Grimes As Leader In Season 7

"The Walking Dead" Morgan
(Photo : Gene Page/AMC) "The Walking Dead" season 7 should feature Morgan as Alexandria's leader as opposed to Rick Grimes. With a more detached and consistent mentality, Morgan may be better suited to take on Negan. "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on Oct. 11.

"The Walking Dead" season 7 begins with Rick Grimes facing a new adversary, but maybe he shouldn't be the one leading the fight. Here are five reasons why we think Morgan might actually be better equipped to handle Negan and the future threats to come.

SPOILERS are coming for those not caught up with season 6 of "The Walking Dead" TV series!

1) He Isn't Traumatized By Negan

Throughout season 6, we know that Morgan chooses to distance himself from most of the early dealings with Negan and the Saviors. He has no real place in forming a partnership with the Hilltop and thus isn't present for the compound raid in episode 12 or Negan's retaliation in the finale. He killed a single Savior that was ready to take out Carol on the open road, but, beyond that, he's kept a safe distance.

That separation is of great value to any survivor heading into season 7. We know that a major member of Alexandria's family has been beaten to a pulp due to Rick's rash decisions, and he was there to watch it happen. Grimes isn't going to be of the right mind to lead. Morgan, on the other hand, has a clearer frame of reference for how to proceed because he hasn't been physically or emotionally involved.

2) He's Possibly Smarter

Deciding who's smarter between Rick and Morgan is honestly up for debate, but we venture to say that the latter actually has a more versed mentality given what he's experienced. This is a man that truly went to the dark side after the loss of his family, and has since been able to fully reform. It takes a strong mind to recover from those sorts of issues.

By contrast, Rick has wavered in and out between militant and family man throughout the entire series. He has never been able to heal, so that seemingly propels him to make irrational decisions. Slaughtering strangers for the sake of trade relations is more than a little insane. Morgan didn't like any of it. That proves that he had more general wit about him even before Negan arrived.

3) He Has No Close Family

In "The Walking Dead" universe, sometimes having family can be more of a weakness than a benefit. After all, it compels people toward protection even if it's not the right thing to do. We saw this theme repeatedly throughout season 6. Jessie's devotion to her son got her killed, and Rick escaped within an inch of his life when Carl lost his eye. Family puts survivors in danger.

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That's why it's good that Morgan doesn't really have a bloodline to speak of. It allows him to make the best possible decisions for the group without the emotional baggage of trying to protect those closer to him. Against a threat like Negan, Alexandria can only survive if it acts as one unit. Morgan is one of a few characters with the ability to make that happen.

4) He's Trained In Aikido

As we learned back in episode 4 of season 6, Morgan has been trained in the martial art of Aikido. For the world that he inhabits, that's a great skill for any leader to know. When leveraged correctly, it could be more powerful than any gun. It's a method of self-defense that doesn't come with a gunshot noise that can attract walkers or human foes.

If Morgan is able to take the lead and teach other residents of Alexandria his technique, that could be hugely helpful in season 7. While Rick's brand of "stealth" attracted attention from Negan's crew, an Aikido team could walk into the enemy's domain with complete silence. Maybe Negan could be captured and then guns could be used.

5) He Has A Seemingly Consistent Code Of Ethics

One of the major changes embraced by Morgan after his trauma is a consistent code of ethics inspired by a book called "The Art Of Peace." It champions negotiation and resolution over unnecessary bloodshed. In a time of crisis like the one that's ahead, Alexandria could use someone with a rigid ideology to provide some order. The assumed major death especially implies nothing but chaos.

In that atmosphere, Rick Grimes is totally unfit to lead. As we've said before, he's probably the least consistent character that "The Walking Dead" has ever known. Weeks after promising Carl and viewers that he was done with military tactics, he was contracted to kill people he didn't even know. This guy has no idea who he wants to be, and that mentality shouldn't be projected to a hurting community.

"The Walking Dead" season 7 comes to AMC on Oct. 11.

Do you think Morgan makes a better leader than Rick heading into "The Walking Dead" season 7? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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