'Masters Of Sex' Season 4: Showtime Announces Premiere Date

Masters Of Sex Showtime
(Photo : Masters Of Sex Facebook page/Showtime) Find out when season 4 of Showtime's "Masters Of Sex" releases below.

"Masters Of Sex" season 4 finally has a premiere date. Showtime announced on the series' Facebook page that the drama will return on Sunday, Sept. 11, at 10 p.m. EST.

The season 3 finale finally saw William Masters' (also called Bill) problems coming to a head. Dennis' parents filed a lawsuit against Bill. It would only go away if the good doctor supplied a fat check. However, unwilling to accept defeat, Bill chose to fight the lawsuit rather than admit doing something he didn't do.

Things got much, much worse for Bill over the course of episode 12. Nora, the sex surrogate who was a tad too eager to help him and Virginia/Ginny in their work, turned out to be a religious fanatic. She took money from him on the pretense of making rent, but in actuality, the devious bible-lover staged a sting.

Nora told the police that Bill was paying her for prostitution. The poor man was facing two criminal charges — one for prostitution and another for fondling a little boy.

To make matters even worse than they already are, Virginia chose to leave Bill for Dan.

Bill even found out that Libby and Ginny had an agreement of sorts. Libby was fine with Ginny sleeping with her husband as long as she didn't take him away from the family. Bill's expression when he came to know his wife knew about his infidelities all these years was priceless.

The season finale ended with a man from Little, Brown and Company threatening to tell a horde of reporters that Bill has a preference for little boys if he and Ginny didn't show up in 30 minutes.

Instead of chasing Ginny to the airport and professing his love for her, Bill chose to stay down. He realized he's been beaten.

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