Fat Joe Talks T.I. Concert Shooting, Calls It 'Ironic'

Fat Joe
(Photo : Getty Images/Rob Kim) Fat Joe calls the recent New York City shooting ironic.

During a recent interview with AllHipHop.com, rapper Fat Joe spoke about the recent shooting at the T.I. concert in New York City on May 25.

After recently teaming up with Jay Z on the "All The Way Up" remix and ending a long-running beef between Roc-A-Fella and Terror Squad, Fat Joe called the shooting "ironic."

“The reason we did this s*** [the ‘All The Way Up’ remix] was so the s*** that happened last night where people got shot in the middle of a concert doesn’t happen,” Fat Joe said. “We’re trying to show people you can have your differences but it can actually end peacefully. It doesn’t have to end with death and destruction.”

A day after the shooting, rapper Troy Ave was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Footage showed Troy Ave bursting into a room and firing his gun. According to Fat Joe, "ain't nothing really worth it."

“That’s pretty ironic that [shooting happened] while we’re doing this symbol of unity. I hope these young kids see it and follow suit. Cause ain’t nothing really worth it," he said.

"You gotta understand most of us grew up in poverty with a dream and all the stripes against us. The fact we’re able to make music, make money, have fans, and make our dreams come true – we really gotta appreciate that," he continued.

Troy Ave's affiliate, Ronald McPhatter was killed during the shooting, but it is unclear how Troy Ave allegedly shot and killed him.

Yesterday, before Troy Ave was charged with attempted murder, McPhatter's mother slammed Troy Ave for not calling her to tell her McPhatter had passed.

"He actually cared a lot about Troy Ave," Rose McPhatter said. "My wish is that Troy Ave cared as much about my son as he cared about him. I say that because I watched how my son would always bend over backwards to help him."

"If he cared about my son as much as he alleged he does, I would've received a call from him," she continued. "He didn't call me. He didn't call any of my other sons."

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