'Shades Of Blue' Season 2 Spoilers: Jennifer Lopez Explains Why She Decided To Produce Series

Jennifer Lopez
(Photo : Getty Images/Slaven Vlasic) Jennifer Lopez is proud of what she has accomplished with "Shades of Blue."

"Shades of Blue" season 2 is expected to have equally exciting storylines centered on Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez) and Michael Wozniak (Ray Liotta).

In the previous season, Harlee and Wozniak had a brief falling out after the latter discovered that the former lied to him.

During that time, Wozniak said that he has forgiven Harlee, but the latter is still remorseful for everything that she has done.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lopez said that she's very proud of what she has accomplished this year with "Shades of Blue" as well as her other projects.

"It's a dream. It was a lot to take on last year, in the making of all of those things. But when they all launched past January, I felt like, 'Wow, look at all we've done!'" she said.

Meanwhile, Lopez explained what her goal was for bringing a cable-like show like "Shades of Blue" to a network as big as NBC.

According to her, she wanted to make sure that whatever TV show she would make from here on out would be able to reach a broader audience.

"We worked so hard on all of these projects... 'Shades' got picked up for a second season, and the critics love it - it's just a great thing," she said.

In other news, Lopez's Las Vegas residency also kicked off a few months ago and according to her, it was a huge success.

Around the same time, Lopez returned to the final season of "American Idol." After several seasons as a judge on the show, Lopez bid the FOX reality TV show goodbye alongside her co-judges Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban.

Talking about her experience on "American Idol," Lopez said that it was the show that made fans see who the real Lopez is.

"They got to see the real me, and they embraced that, and I embraced it, and it was a beautiful thing that happened," she said.

"Shades of Blue" season 2 will premiere on NBC sometime this year.

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