'Front Defense' Is HTC's First Game For The Vive VR Headset, Will Be Shown Off At Computex Next Week

HTC vive
(Photo : Mike Pont/Getty Images) HTC will also be showing off three new virtual reality experiences at its demo green room at Computex next week.

HTC is currently working on its own Vive virtual reality game called "Front Defense," and the company will show it off next week in Taiwan during the Computex expo.

"Front Defense" is the first video game ever developed by HTC, which is mostly known for manufacturing smartphones, tablets and the HTC Vive VR headset.

The company started its own VR studio to build apps for the vive VR headset, and "Front Defense" is one of the products of that effort.

The HTC Vive is using SteamVR technology, which means developers will have to sell their games through the Steam store and not through HTC.

If HTC wants to capitalize on the VR gaming front, they would have to develop games and apps internally, according to VentureBeat.

"Front Defense" will be HTC's attempt at establishing its capability of creating its own apps and games for the Vive.

The game itself will be set in a battlefield where players will have to go through waves of enemies using various types of weapons like guns and grenades, according to Android Central.

If this description is accurate, the game could possibly be a first-person shooter which would be an ideal type of gameplay for virtual reality.

Other than the basic premise, there's no information about other modes that will be playable in the game.

HTC is expected to fully show off "Front Defense" next week along with other VR experiences specifically made for the Vive headset.

HTC will have a mixed reality demo green room where attendees can try out the new VR experiences for themselves.

There will be three VR experiences that will be available to demo at HTC's green room. They are "Holodia," "Jeeboman" and "Ruckus Ridge."

HTC says that "Holodia" will be the first virtual reality experience that would be made for user's fitness. "Jeeboman" is an arcade shooter game, while "Ruckus Ridge" is full of mini games that can be played with friends, according to Android Headlines.

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