'The Walking Dead' Season 6: 5 Main Characters That May Have Big Roles In Season 7's Episodes

"The Walking Dead" Negan
(Photo : Gene Page/AMC) "The Walking Dead" season 6 has finished, but season 7 could affect the show's main characters in a big way. Below, we recap how survivors like Glenn, Negan and Rick might be huge for future episodes. "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC in October.

"The Walking Dead" season 6 ended on a huge cliffhanger, and the fate of many of the show's main characters remains unknown for season 7. Whether they are among the dead or living, here are five characters that we expect to play a big role in future episodes.

1) Negan

This one couldn't be more obvious, but Negan is going to loom so large over season 7 that he had to be included. Considering his reveal was hyped up for weeks before his season 6 finale debut, this new baddie is definitely going to be a major focus of the upcoming season. AMC wouldn't place so much emphasis on a single person if that wasn't going to be the case.

Those that have read the comics will understand just how huge Negan's arrival is, but, in TV terms, what we know is that this guy has positioned himself as a massive threat to Rick's happiness inside Alexandria. The Grimes tribe has dealt with loose cannons like the Governor before, but the scariest part about Negan is that he seems to convey a pretty sane and brutal mentality. That kind of problem doesn't just solve itself in a few episodes.

2) Glenn

There are lots of rumors swirling around that Glenn might be Negan's season finale victim, but, even if he's not, Steven Yeun's character has a lot to bring to the table in season 7. Should he be dead, that demise is going to color "The Walking Dead's" future for a very long time. It's going to absolutely destroy any sense of morale that Alexandria ever had. If Rick decides to retaliate, what happens next will be in Glenn's name.

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If he survives, the major plot development to think about is Maggie's baby. How will bringing a child into this world affect his attitude? Will he be able to go to war with Negan when he knows that he has so much more to lose? Those are two big conundrums that could play out in the scripts of season 7.

3) Michonne

Michonne was in a really interesting place as season 6 came to an end. Having just solidified a romantic relationship with Rick, any happenings with Negan could change her outlook significantly. Will she be able to remain tough when faced with the prospect of losing her new boyfriend? With that new connection established, she might also play a much bigger role in devising the strategy that Rick uses to handle the situation. She's been Grimes' right-hand for a while now, but romance can alter that dynamic in a big way.

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It's also worth noting that season 7 casting tells us that the comic character Ezekiel might soon be coming to TV. Without getting into spoilers, he and Michonne have a rather interesting established arc. It will be fun to see how AMC remixes or abides by the rules that some fans of "The Walking Dead" might already know.

4) Rick

Every season of "The Walking Dead" is an important one for Rick, but the end of season 6 and the start of season 7 introduces more than a few noteworthy wrinkles to talk about. The big question to ask is how the leader of Alexandria will respond to Negan's force. Will he be servile to his enemy to lure him into a false sense of security, or will he strike back quickly?

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How that dilemma is solved will basically dictate the entirety of season 7 and possibly beyond. We've seen Rick deal with former adversaries in a militarized fashion, but, as we've said, Negan is a different beast. As "The Walking Dead's" lead, Rick's role is always big. His arc for future episodes is still pretty interesting though.

5) Maggie

Maggie and Glenn are very much on the same trajectory, but the female half of that couple just started to forge her own path towards the end of season 6. When it came to establishing relations with the Hilltop, she was Alexandria's head diplomat. She made the deal that set her people up for a clash course with Negan, but she did so with plenty of class and skill.

(Photo : Gene Page/AMC)

Knowing the results of her decisions, will she be less likely to lead in the future? If her husband does indeed die at Negan's hand, how will she react to that ordeal and the prospect of raising a child alone? As a diplomat and a mother, we expect Maggie's season 7 to be substantial.

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC this October.

Which of these characters from season 6 are you most excited to see more of in season 7? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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