'The Flash': Teddy Sears Says IMDb Revealed His Dual Role Ahead Of Season 2 Premiere

Teddy Sears
(Photo : Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez) "The Flash" star Teddy Sears said that IMDb had actually revealed that he'd be playing both Jay Garrick and Zoom several months before season 2 premiered.

"The Flash" actor Teddy Sears said that IMDb had actually revealed his double role on The CW series before he made his series debut in season 2.

Sears -- who plays both Jay Garrick and Zoom in the sophomore run of the show -- shared the surprising revelation during his recent appearance on Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin's Fat Man on Batman podcast.

"So I signed the contracts, and great, I'm gonna go do this for the season. It shows up on IMDb, like, I don't know, I'm talking like a day or two later, and I'm on IMDb because I'm going to add a 'Masters of Sex' credit. This is June, so I go on to add a credit and I remember, it says Flash - Jay Garrick/Zoom, spoiling it right there," the 39-year-old actor said. "So I'm seeing this and I'm like this is, okay, this is weird, and it has all these episodes spelled out, but they don't have titles, so like 1.1, 1.2, whatever. I don't think much of it because I think well, you know, someone put that there so someone must know what they're doing."

Fortunately for the show, Warner Bros. TV found out about the leak before any news outlets picked it up.

"Like a day later, or maybe I don't know, later that day, [Andrew] Kreisberg sees this, I don't know how it came to his attention, but he sees it," Sears said. "He calls my agent, he calls my manager, convinced that they must have put that on IMDb because no one else knows this. They know it because they were privy to this conversation, so it must have been them, and neither one of them, they just don't do that."

When asked how he thinks the major plot detail got on IMDb in the first place, Sears said that it was most likely an inside leak.

"I think we figured out that it was probably someone in the office at Warner Bros. that saw the contract, and said oh, he's playing these two characters and just entered it in, I don't know how it happened," he said. "It was taken down really quickly, but there was, if someone had gone onto IMDb during that day or two, and luckily no one was looking, no one gave a s--t, but could've easily been like 'Hey!' That was the closest, and like talk about whisker close actually."

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Obviously, Sears knew from the very start that he would be playing two roles, but when he started portraying Zoom, he began to hope that the show would get a different actor to play the speed demon.

"I was told when I got the job that this is what they were thinking, so I had this secret I had to keep," he told Entertainment Weekly. "They told me this in June when we were about to go into production, and then there was not a whiff of it for many months. I really thought maybe they changed their minds, maybe they were going to go get someone else to play Zoom."

He continued, "I was hoping against hope because I was really enjoying being Jay Garrick. I had grown quite attached to him. But then in the episode where Caitlin [Danielle Panabaker] and I are in the park and I point out my doppelganger Hunter Zolomon, as soon as I read that, I thought we're going to follow-through on this plan. ... So, I knew. I hoped it wasn't going to happen, but here we are."

"The Flash" season 2, episode 22, titled "Invincible," airs on Tuesday, May 17, at 9 p.m. on The CW. Check out the synopsis and trailer for the season's penultimate episode below:

"After Zoom unleashes an army of Earth-2 meta-humans on Central City, Barry [Grant Gustin] is shaken when he sees their leader is the Black Canary's Earth-2 doppelganger, the Black Siren [Katie Cassidy]. Meanwhile, Wally [Keiynan Lonsdale] takes to the streets to help the Flash stop the metahumans, which worries Joe [Jesse L. Martin]; and Iris [Candice Patton] and Henry [John Wesley Shipp] become concerned about Barry taking on Zoom."

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