'Arrow' Season 4: 3 Reasons Laurel Lance Shouldn't Have Died In 'Eleven-Fifty-Nine'

The Black Canary/Laurel Lance
(Photo : Instagram/CW_Arrow) Here are three reasons Laurel Lance shouldn't have died in "Eleven-Fifty-Nine."

Episode 18 of "Arrow" season 4 saw the death of Laurel Lance, a staple of the CW's popular TV series since it began about four years ago.

While we appreciated the courage it must have taken for the "Arrow" writers to get rid of such an important character, our fanhood won't allow us to accept the move. Here are three reasons why:

1. Captain Quentin Lance Deserved Better

For those of you who haven't been keeping score, here's a quick rundown of the pain and suffering Captain Lance has had to endure over the last few years.

First off, he lost his daughter Sarah to a freakish thunderstorm at sea. Then, he learns that she's still alive and has been fighting as a vigilante, only to see her murdered a year later. Sarah then gets resurrected, but joins a group of time travelling superheroes to save the world, so he's pretty much lost her again.

Now Captain Lance has also lost Laurel. Really, what more does he even have to lose at this point? Why couldn't Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle just leave the poor guy alone? Sure, her death brings stakes back to the series, but c'mon!

2. Laurel Was Coming Into Her Own As A Superhero

Laurel had finally hit her stride as a superhero when Damien Darhk took her down. Her fighting technique was sharper and she was more committed to crime fighting than ever before, so why should she have been taken out of "Arrow" so suddenly? Her death scene was well-crafted, but we feel like the "Arrow" writers have left a ton of stories on the table by killing Laurel off this season.

3. No More Katie Cassidy

Katie Cassidy is one of our favorite "Arrow" actors, and after we did an interview with her last year, it was easy to see why. Her acting experience and charm allowed her to play the role of a conflicted idealist pretty perfectly, and we'll miss her presence on the show.

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