'12 Monkeys' Season 2 Spoilers: 3 Things We Learned About Episode 2 'Primary' From Trailer

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(Photo : Syfy/12 Monkeys) Will Cassie destroy the virus in "12 Monkeys" season 2, episode 2? Find out below.

"12 Monkeys" season 2 began with Ramse and Cole mending their broken friendship. The two were at odds towards the end of season 1, but it seems like their relationship will gradually heal with time.

However, one relationship that is broken is Cole and Cassie's. At the end of episode 1, Cassie pointed a gun at Cole since he refused to let her kill an insane Jennifer Goines. Goines was holding the virus in her hand, ready to unleash the plague that destroys humanity.

Will Cassie pull the trigger? Will Cole return to 2044? Here are three spoilers we learned from the promo and synopsis:

1. The virus is destroyed — but the plague still happens

The preview shows Cassie destroying the virus while Jennifer, Ramse and Cole watch. However, nothing changes after that. The deadly plague still happens and wipes out the human race. Still, Dr. Jones thinks she has altered history.

2. Ramse travels to 2044

Cole's softer side emerges when he tells Cassie he will not kill Ramse in a sneak peek video. He was supposed to die according to his destiny, but he didn't because of Cole.

An upset Cassie sends Ramse (instead of Cole) back to 2044 in order to extract information from him and finally, kill him.

The synopsis (via SpoilerTV) also confirms Ramse's appearance in 2044. It reads:

When an attempt to destroy the virus changes the future, Cole finds himself stranded in 2016 with an unstable Jennifer Goines, who may or may not be his key to getting home. Meanwhile, Jones and Railly must deal with both the consequences of the changed timeline and the temporal facility's newest prisoner — Ramse.

3. Cassie, Cole and one of the Messengers travel to the 1940s

Although they are at odds at the start of episode 2 ("Primary") Cassie and Cole seem to finally share a mutual goal because they travel to the 1940s. The duo are seen attending a prestigious ball as the Emerson Hotel. Unfortunately, one of the Messengers is also there.

"12 Monkeys" season 2, episode 2 premieres on Monday, April 25, at 9 p.m. EST on Syfy.

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