'Descendants of The Sun' Could Have Had A Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo Love Triangle

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  • Apr, 20, 2016, 08:16 AM
Descendants Of The Sun
(Photo : KBS2/Descendants of The Sun) "Descendants of The Sun's" co-writer dished on why they did not include the trademark love triangle in the Song Joong Ki-starrer.

"Descendants of the Sun" might be finished, but there are still many burning questions left unanswered, including if there is even the slightest chance for a sequel starring Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won.

Another question that fans are apparently curious about is why famed scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook, who made a name for heraelf with hit dramas such as "The Heirs" and "Secret Garden," did not include her usual love triangle storyline in "Descendants of the Sun" this time.

There could have been two possibilities for "DoTS" if a love triangle were to have been introduced, with either Song Joong Ki's Captain Yoo Si Jin and Jin Goo's Seo Dae Young vying for Song Hye Kyo's Kang Mo Yeon's love or Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ji Won's characters fighting over Song Joong Ki's sexy army captain.

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However, Kim Eun Sook refused to go for the two love line plot this time, which many believe worked for the show's favor, including the writer herself as well as co-writer Kim Won Suk, Soompi reported.

When asked about the lack of a love triangle storyline in "Descendants of the Sun," Kim Won Suk told Sports Chosun (via Naver), “While talking with writer Kim Eun Sook, we decided not to have a love triangle and to have two romantic lines instead. We decided on the principle of showing a true melodrama."

Kim Won Suk noted that fans are usually divided between the two male leads vying for the female lead's affections, which later causes fanwars when the second male lead eventually gets rejected.

“When you have a love triangle it would be nice if both male leads could be cool, but eventually one of them has to lose. I think that part is a little difficult," the writer continued. This time we didn’t want to tell that kind of story. Our strategy was to show their separate love [stories] and stand on their own in a cool way."

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Kim Eun Sook apparently prefers have two separate romantic storylines, especially since she finds it "difficult" everytime she has to write and plot out a love triangle drama.

“Writer Kim Eun Sook also prefers this side. I want to be careful because it’s not my own words but Kim Eun Sook said, ‘It’s so difficult every time I do a love triangle drama. Let’s have two lines this time,'" the writer explained, via Soompi.

Do you think "Descendants of the Sun" would have been as popular had there been a love triangle between Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo and Jin Goo's characters? Share your thoughts about the drama in the comments section below!

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