Kendall Jenner Horseplays With New Boyfriend Jordan Clarkson At Coachella [WATCH]

(Photo : Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy) Kendall Jenner was recently spotted engaging in some good old fashioned horseplay with her new boyfriend Jordan Clarkson. The two were spotted together at a Coachella set over the weekend.

It looks like Kendall Jenner isn't being so secretive about her romance with LA Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson anymore. According to the folks at People.com, Kendall and Clarkson could be seen playing around with each other at Coachella in Snapchat videos uploaded this past Friday night.

In one video, Clarkson can be seen putting his spectacular vertical leap to use by jumping over the 5'10.5" Kendall. You can watch that clip just below.

Seeing as Coachella is one of the year's largest music festivals, it feels safe to say that Kendall is no longer hiding her relationship with Clarkson. In fact, if you hadn't been paying too much attention, you might've thought Kendall was still in a relationship with former One Direction member Harry Styles.

Kendall had been linked to Styles, but his refusal to be in a committed relationship with her doomed their romance. "Kendall wanted more than Harry could give," a source at Hollywoodlife.com reported. "It's basically what happened the first time around. She got her hopes up and when she discovered that there wasn't going to be a really committed relationship, she bolted."

"She didn't want to get burned again, so she got out before it got worse," the Hollywoodlife.com source continued. "Harry gave what he could, but it wasn't enough. He doesn't want an ultra-serious relationship like Kendall does. Funny thing is that he really does like her, but he couldn't promise what she wanted. At least Harry was honest and put his cards on the table."

Kendall and Clarkson have reportedly been talking for months now, and if this new video of the pair is any indication, it may be only a matter of time before they make their romance more public. Be sure to check out Design & Trend just in case that happens!

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