'Billions' Showtime TV Show Season Finale: 5 Burning Questions We Have After 'The Conversation'

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(Photo : Facebook/Billions) Here are five burning questions we have after Showtime's "Billions" season finale.

Showtime's "Billions" season finale ("The Conversation") was every bit as entertaining as we hoped it would be, and like any good TV series, it left us feverishly scratching our heads.

With that in mind, here are five burning questions we have after "The Conversation":

1. What's next for Wendy Rhoades

The "Billions" season finale saw Wendy Rhoades break off two of the defining relationships in her life. On one hand, she kicked her husband Chuck out of their house. On the other, she has just resigned from Axe Capital, and quite possibly, her friendship with Bobby "Axe" Axelrod. Both men betrayed her trust in pretty significant ways, so we don't really see her reconciling with either of them any time soon. Expect to see a single Wendy working at one of those high-paying places she visited throughout the second half of this season.

2. Who replaces Wendy at Axe Capital

Wendy's calming presence and insights are a big part of what made Axe Capital the successful Trust Fund it is today. Now that she's gone, Axe will need to find a suitable replacement. It won't be easy, though, because Wendy was also Axe's truest friend and confidant.

3. How far will Chuck Rhoades go to win? What can he do to Win?

Chuck Rhoades warned Axe about the perils of engaging a man with "nothing to lose," and you can bet Axe will learn for himself at some point in "Billions" season two. The question is, what can he do to outsmart Axe? Thus far, the Axe Capital CEO has been so successful in out-maneuvering Chuck and Bryan Connerty that it doesn't even feel fair. We want to see what more tricks Chuck has up his sleeves.

4. How long is it before Bryan Connerty leaves Chuck?

In the "Billions" season finale, Axe pounced on Connerty's weakened resolve and offered him a chance to work for him. Bryan rejected the offer, but this moment did make us wonder how much longer Bryan will want to work under Chuck Rhoades.

5. What's next for Axe

Although Axe did essentially win all of his battles with law enforcement, there are now more chinks in his armor than ever. The scandal surrounding his shrewd 9/11 deals and his minor legal issues have pretty much destroyed the halo hovering above his head, so now the question is, how do Axe and his public relations team plan to create another one?

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