Kendall Jenner Dating LA Lakers Star Jordan Clarkson After Harry Styles Split?

(Photo : Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy) Rumor has it that supermodel Kendall Jenner is dating Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson. This rumor comes after reports that Kendall split from Harry Styles.

It looks like Kendall Jenner has officially moved on from her relationship with Harry Styles.

According to sources at People, the 20-year-old "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star has in fact focused her romancing efforts on Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson. "They have been secretly dating for months and they are super into each other," People's source revealed. "He is super sweet and a total gentleman and Kendall loves that."

Adding a bit more credibility to this rumor, Kendall and Clarkson have been spotted with each other a few times over the last few weeks. Someone even got a picture.

Kendall had been linked to Styles, but his refusal to be in a committed relationship with her doomed their romance. "Kendall wanted more than Harry could give," a source at Hollywoodlife.com reported. "It's basically what happened the first time around. She got her hopes up and when she discovered that there wasn't going to be a really committed relationship, she bolted."

"She didn't want to get burned again, so she got out before it got worse," the Hollywoodlife.com source continued. "Harry gave what he could, but it wasn't enough. He doesn't want an ultra-serious relationship like Kendall does. Funny thing is that he really does like her, but he couldn't promise what she wanted. At least Harry was honest and put his cards on the table."

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