Nintendo NX Rumors Reveal Its Controller's Companion Features, 2017 Release Expected?

(Photo : Kim White/Nintendo of America via Getty Images) Nintendo NX rumors continue, and the console's controller is a huge topic of discussion. According to a new leak, it can only be used to play companion apps rather than full games. The report also alleges a 2017 release, but an official reveal is expected for this year.

Nintendo NX rumors keep coming, and the latest batch reveals some supposedly top-secret details about the console's controller and release date. The system may not ship until 2017.

While still in the realm of shameless speculation, the alleged leak comes to Design & Trend via Reddit user, stimpak_vendor. They claim to be a triple-A developer working on NX hardware but could not reveal the name of the company to which they are employed. Reports of this nature should always be taken with a grain of salt, but we'd be remiss if we didn't discuss the findings.

First and foremost was a lengthy discussion about the devkit's controller. According to the source's description, it's rectangular and almost completely occupied by a 1080p screen. In front of that screen is a traditional controller setup with a D-Pad, analog sticks, face buttons and two shoulder buttons. Uniquely, there are two scrollers on the shoulder too.

What's most controversial of all, however, is how this remote operates. Contrary to popular belief, players won't be able to take their full console NX experiences on the go over long distances. Instead, it can only be independently used to access "companion app" level features. In that way, it was compared to the VMU of Sega's Dreamcast.

While possibly not what Nintendo fans are expecting, this NX controller concept does have its benefits. For one, the console's games can supposedly support context-specific interfaces by putting unique buttons on the screen. Like the Wii U, it's also possible to stream gameplay at home. As far as its individual specs, the NX controller was said to be about as powerful as a mid-tier smartphone.

The base system was described in a much more formidable light, as the poster ventured to call it "slightly more powerful" than Sony's PS4 thanks to a 64-bit ARM-based processor.

With all these details, stimpak_vendor closed their report by suggesting that the NX doesn't look fit to be released this year but could come to market in early 2017. "It's far from ready because most devs only just got their devkits," said the leaker.

As the launch of the system draws near, speculation is aplenty. Not only have we heard other spec reports claiming the NX would be less powerful than PS4, but many insiders also cite a 2016 arrival. This is also the first we've heard of the controller's somewhat limited independent use too. Until Nintendo says anything official, claims like these are best read for fun rather than facts.

Nintendo officials have promised a complete detailing of NX later this year.

What do you think of these rumors? Will the NX controller only play mini-games? Will the hardware release this year? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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