'The Walking Dead' Season 6: 5 Ways We Always Knew Rick And Michonne Were Made For Each Other

"The Walking Dead" Rick And Michonne
(Photo : AMC/Facebook) Rick and Michonne made things official on the most recent episode of "The Walking Dead," and this list recaps why we knew this couple was made for each other. Can these two truly find love in the apocalypse? "The Walking Dead" season 6 continues Feb. 28 on AMC.

"The Walking Dead" season 6 viewers were shocked by the steamy union of Rick and Michonne in episode 10. With the love of these two fan-favorite survivors now official, here are five ways we always knew that Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira's characters were made for each other!

1) Michonne's Relationship With Carl and Judith

If a relationship with Rick is going to work, then getting along with his two kids is step one. Luckily Michonne has quietly been playing the mother card with Carl and Judith for quite some time. Her connection to Carl began in season 3 when she split off with the boy to help him find a picture of his mom and a crib for his infant sister. That task evolved into little chats about soy milk and bets over candy bars that made us forget an apocalypse was happening at all. The partnership reached its emotional climax last week when Carl said he would be willing to put Michonne down if she ever turned.

Her bond with Judith is much more covert, but it's most vividly seen in season 4 when Michonne holds the baby for the first time. Her tears showed that she was ready to open up to Rick and the rest of the group.

2) The Little Gift Exchanges

Episode 10's sex scene began shortly after Rick presented Michonne with a pack of mints from his latest supply run. That being said "The Walking Dead" enthusiasts will know that this gift was far from a one-time deal. It's been happening behind the scenes for a while.

In the season 4 premiere Michonne offers Carl a stack of comics and Rick a new razor. This prompts Carl to complain when she heads back into the wilderness to collect more goods. "I'll be back," she promises. That moment was unknowingly a great tease for more scenes like it in the distant future.

3) Kicking Butt Together

"The Walking Dead" fans have been shipping Rick and Michonne for years, and a huge part of that demand comes from how well they kick walker butt together. After all, it was Michonne's katana that ultimately allowed Rick to land his death blow to the Governor. Then there was that awesome fight with Daryl's scavenger group just outside Terminus. This duo knows exactly where the other one is going to be, and it's helped them escape danger in countless scenarios.

(Photo : AMC/Facebook)

Even in Alexandria, Deanna seemed to notice that chemistry and assigned Rick and Michonne to be the community's police force. When Rick goes crazy after his fight with Pete, Michonne instinctively knows to knock him out for his own safety. This couple has been keeping themselves in check forever, and it's glorious.

4) The Implicit Emotional Understanding

It hasn't been a major feature of season 6 or the show in general, but "The Walking Dead's" writing team has made it implicitly clear that Rick and Michonne have a strong emotional understanding. As far back as season 3, Michonne reveals that she used to talk to her dead husband just like Grimes had been doing with Lori. She even admits to connecting with Rick's rage when she tells Carl that she blamed her boyfriend and his friend for her son's death. Out of revenge, she let the two men turn and kept them as pets.

While she was silent for much of "The Walking Dead's" history, Michonne has an emotional narrative with highs and lows that parallel Rick's own struggles. This bond is probably the source of their intimacy.

5) That Scene

If there was any doubt about Rick and Michonne being made for each other, episode 10's shocking sex scene likely dispelled it. The way that moment developed was perfect. It slowly built up from a very normal conversation to holding hands and then the makeout session began.

So much effort was taken to illustrate the point that Rick and Michonne have provided stability for each other in a world that offers very little. Isolated from the rest of the series, it would be almost impossible to know that a zombie apocalypse was outside. In a weird way, these two have built a legitimate home together without realizing it. That notion was captured beautifully. Hopefully the rest of the relationship is treated with the same modicum of respect.

"The Walking Dead" season 6 continues Feb. 28 on AMC.

Do you think Rick and Michonne are really made for each other? Will their union make "The Walking Dead" better? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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