The Three Times Of Day You Are Most Likely To Ruin Your Diet

  • Mary Nichols , Design & Trend Contributor
  • Feb, 23, 2016, 04:48 AM
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(Photo : Getty Images/Andrew Burton) A new study has uncovered the specific times when people find it hardest to avoid snacks and treats.

A new study has uncovered the specific times when people find it hardest to avoid snacks and treats.

Researchers have identified three "danger times" when people are most at risk of straying from otherwise healthy eating habits, writes the New Zealand Herald.

According to the study, "snack o'clock" occurs at 11.01am, 3.14pm and 9.31pm. These are the times when people are most vulnerable - potentially consuming an additional 750 calories per day.

Lee Smith, managing director of Forza Supplements which commissioned the study, told the Daily Mail: "We are all becoming much more knowledgeable about nutrition and how to eat more healthily at traditional meal-times."

According to Smith, unnecessary snacks can undo all the good work done by dieters during regular meal times.

"It is at other vulnerable moments during the day - these 'snack o' clocks' - when all the damage is done in diets," he said.

In order to avoid eating treats at these particular times - Smith says the key is to avoid cafes.

"They are like sweet shops to a child - offering all sorts of seemingly innocuous pleasures like lattes which are the enemies of good diets," he said. "It is pointless coming to work with a low-fat salad in a tupperware box if you are going to pop out to a coffee shop and wreck all that good work."

Dieters should also make sure that they have breakfast every morning, as skipping the meal can make it hard to say no to a snack at 11am.

Mid-afternoon snacks are popular as people search for something to relieve stress after lunch.

According to the study, 9.31pm - which is close to bedtime for many people - is also when many people are sitting on the couch in front of the television - with a sweet treat sitting in front of them.

The study recommends avoiding offers of hot drinks at this time, as it can be conducive to reaching for an unhealthy snack.

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