Opendesk Introduces Opendesk Express To London Offices

Opendesk Express
(Photo : Opendesk) These four work desks can now be ordered and delivered within 14 days in London offices through Opendesk Express.

On Feb. 8, Opendesk, an open-source furniture brand, announced the launch of Opendesk Express.

This new feature, which was first offered to workplaces within London, promises to deliver digitally cut, hand-built desks from local manufacturers within 14 days.

This is a big change from the usual eight to 12 weeks lead time that most contract furniture brands would offer. Aside from that, it gives local furniture manufacturers work since these pieces will be contracted to them.

The company’s website features four “express” designs which can be customized. The designs have been tweaked to suit their clients’ specific design requirements. With these modifications, any workplace, from home offices to established companies, can creatively furnish their workspaces accordingly.

The furniture pieces are based on four of their existing pieces which have seen great demand in the market. The modules are renamed for easier distinction among Opendesk Express customers.

The initial offerings include the single-person Studio Desk, the Lean Desk, which can fit four people; the Team Desk, which is made for hot desking; and the Lift Desk which can be adjusted depending on the height required.

To order, the client needs to specify the dimensions, materials and the number of pieces that they will order. After which, the order details will be sent to the manufacturer who will produce the furniture using digital fabrication technologies. The collection will be available in oiled birch plywood and bright arctic white laminate on a Baltic core. The ordering process will take place within the Opendesk platform.

Opendesk was established by Joni Steiner in 2013. It is an online platform that connects users to a global network of furniture designers and manufacturers.

Apart from creating a network of designers, manufacturers and consumers, the company also aims to create a transparent pricing system where both payment and remuneration is fair.

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