50 Cent Accused Of Theft By Former Associate And Blasts Back: 'I Can't Fight For You, Punk'

50 Cent
(Photo : Getty Images/Noam Galai) 50 Cent blasted a boxer who accused him of stealing money.

Are you familiar with the Australian Boxer Bill Dib?

If not, you'll probably be hearing his name a lot more since he's now involved in a bitter dispute with 50 Cent.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Dib inked a three-year contract with the G-Unit honcho, who decided to be a boxing promoter some years ago but he was never fully paid.

At first everything was fine, said the Aussie boxer, because Fif partnered with Floyd Mayweather to help run the promotion company. Over time, however, the rapper and Mayweather became enemies, which left Dib only signed to 50, and that's when things went south.

"A lot of people would say 'Why do you want to get away from 50 Cent, that would be amazing,'" said Dib. "But it's not amazing. It was very disheartening, sleepless nights. You wake up for phone calls, and the guy would never answer his phone. It was possibly the worst career move that I've made in my life."

Afterwards, surprise, surprise, 50 responded and dissed the boxer.

"The truth is Bill Dib is an ungrateful fighter who was deemed unwatchable by premium networks like Showtime and HBO when I met him," wrote "The Kanan Tape" creator. "Floyd was mad at me for signing him in the first place. With a record of 35-1, with 21 KOs, Dib must have fought 21 cab drivers."

"I put Dib on the Manny Pacquiao undercard for the rematch with Gradovich. He got knocked the f--- out. I can only set the fight up, I can't fight for you, punk. I didn't take a dime of your money. They call me a lot of s--- but never a thief," added 50.

You can read the rest of his post below.

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