Target To Launch Gender-Neutral Home Collection For Children

Target shopping carts
(Photo : Getty Images/Scott Olson) On Feb. 21, Target Co. will launch new home products that take on a gender-neutral approach.

Discount retail store Target announced that it will be launching a new line of gender-neutral home collection for children on Sunday.

According to Business Insider, Target will change its long-running house brand Circo to Pillowfort.

This is in line with the company’s move towards a more gender-neutral store format.

As part of this new endeavor, last year Target also took down “boys” and “girls” signage in its toys and kids’ bedding aisles.

“It was an aisle of pink, fairy princesses, ponies and flowers,” said Julie Guggemos in an interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Guggemos is Target’s senior vice president of design and product development. “And for the boys it was rockets and dinosaurs."

"Well, you know what? Girls like rockets and basketball. And boys like ponies. Who are we to say what a child’s individual expressing is? We really wanted to develop a collection that would be universal,” she added.

The new collection from Pillowfort will still have beddings and accessories of pink and blue, but it will be offered minimally. The new offerings will have a wider variety of prints and patterns including tress, arrows, hearts, basketballs, alligators, astronauts and bicycles in more neutral colors such as white, black and yellow.

Target’s decision was driven by research and customer feedback, which criticized the company’s gender-based signs in their toy aisles.

“It gets back to listening to mom, understanding what she’s looking for from Target and making sure we’re delivering the products and the content that’s going to be right," said Chief Executive Brian Cornell.

While developing Pillowfort, Target asked kids to create collages of their ideal bedroom and asked parents about their ideas. The result showed that both kids and parents prefer neutral prints and patterns.

“Girls were picking prints that the boys picked and vice versa,” Guggemos said. “They’re not afraid to express who they are. We picked up on that right away and decided we were getting in our own way a little bit some of those paradigms. It’s time to change.”

Pillowfort's new collection will appear on Target's shelves starting Feb. 21.

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