50 Cent Finds New Way To Diss Meek Mill While Performing With Chris Brown [VIDEO]

50 Cent
(Photo : Getty Images/Jason Merritt) 50 Cent dissed Meek Mill on stage in Oakland, Calif.

50 Cent continued his Meek Mill diss campaign when he performed with Chris Brown recently, and this time he found a new way to blast the Philly rapper.

While performing in Oakland, Calif. at the Fox Theater, the 40-year-old spitter revealed a black t-shirt with the words "R.I.P Meek Mill" on it. There's an online video floating around that shows the rapper holding up the shirt, which made the audience cheer and applaud.

Meanwhile, as we reported last week, the verdict in the MMG rapper's probation hearing case came down, and he'll have to be on house arrest for a total of 90 days.

Additionally, he won't be able to perform in or out of his hometown, and he won't even be allowed to record or release music.

In his response to the judge after the decision was made, Meek blamed his earlier days in the rap industry for some of his missteps but said he's constantly trying to become a better person. He also reminded the judge of something she previously told him about having the potential to rise above his current circumstances.

"I just want to ask you for a chance to turn that corner and be a changed man," he said. "You said you saw something in me ... I want to prove you right. I believe I can be the bright star you intended me to be."

Meek's house arrest will begin on March 1 of this year, and until he's able to get back on the road again, he probably won't be too worried about Mr. Cent and all of his disses. He'll probably be plotting on how to make up for all the lost time and figure out how to pick up where he left off once the 90 days is over.



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