Barbie: Mattel Releases New Line Of ‘Relatable’ Dolls Reflecting Different Body Types [VIDEO]

(Photo : Getty Images/ Ian Waldie) The 2016 line of Barbie doll reflects a wider range of body types and styles to appease a growing demand for a change in image.

Barbie just got a major face lift ... Actually, the exact opposite of a face lift.

Mattel decided that the 57-year-old Barbie needed a more realistic makeover, reports TIME.

Not too realistic ... no cellulite, stretch marks nor nether regions. Clearly, she's still going to be made of plastic. Otherwise, changing the lyrics to "Barbie Girl" would be a pain.

The changes will mainly come down to body type, style, skin tone and ethnicity.

Many people are crying out that it's about darn' time!

See ...

"It's about time!" says commenter Debbie on Facebook.

In a video about the new venture, the minds behind "Project Dawn" explain the most drastic change to Barbie in all of her 57 years.

Two years ago, the Barbie designers and executives decided that they needed a major overhaul to make the doll relevant again and to improve dwindling sales.

Elsa from "Frozen" replaced Barbie as the most popular girls' toy in 2014. In the same year, LEGO replaced Mattel as the biggest toy company in the world.

Mattel was also feared that Barbie wasn't relevant in our today's diverse cultural climate. Today there is a demand for body positivity and realistic representations of women.

"You know it's kind of tough sometimes to sit down and really hear and listen and kind of take in the truth. It was obvious that there was some work we needed to do," said general manager at Barbie, Evenlyn Mazzocco.

Parents no longer wanted their children to hold these blonde, busty and uniform dolls to the highest standards of beauty.

"Millennials, more so than any other general of parents, are really concerned about what brands signify in their households," said Jess Weiner.

They launched top-secret Project Dawn.

The new line includes three body types: tall, petite and curvy. All the bodies appear in different skin tones and hairstyles.

One of the new Barbie's hairstyles even incorporates the recent half-shaved trend.

Mattel wants the new line to reflect the current multicultural and diverse society we find ourselves in. Diverse in size, shape, color and hairdos.

Check out the video about Project Dawn below.

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Inside the most dramatic change in Barbie's 57-year history.

Posted by TIME on Thursday, January 28, 2016

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