'Teen Wolf' Season 5 Spoilers: Theo Offers To Help Scott And Stiles Rescue Lydia In Episode 15

Cody Christianas Theo Raeken
(Photo : Facebook/Teen Wolf) Theo (Cody Christian) wants to help Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) get Lydia (Holland Roden) out of Eichen House in season 5, episode 15 of "Teen Wolf."

The mission to rescue Lydia [Holland Roden] from Eichen House starts in next episode of "Teen Wolf," but Scott [Tyler Posey]'s pack isn't the only one who wants to get the banshee out of mental facility.

As revealed in the synopsis for episode 15, titled "Amplification," Stiles [Dylan O'Brien] learns that Lydia is in imminent danger and develops a plan to break her out of Eichen House. Theo [Cody Christian], however, has his own plans for her."

A sneak peek from the episode reveals that Theo actually offers to help Scott and Stiles get Lydia out of Eichen.

"You're planning to break Lydia out of Eichen House, [but] you just can't make it pass through the mountain ash," Theo tells Scott in the one-and-a-half minute clip. "We can make it through, you can't Scott."

"What do you really want?" asks the True Alpha.

"I know you saw the fresco: Two seriously pissed off creatures, the hellhound and the beast, fighting over a pile of dead bodies. I don't want to be one of the bodies. It's that simple," the scheming chimera answered. "I can get you to Lydia or just see who could get to her first."

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After Theo walks out of the scene, Stiles wonders why the villainous character is so interested in Lydia, to which Scott replies: "Maybe, he probably thinks what we're all thinking ... that Lydia's got something bigger to do with this, and may be she's the only one who could actually save us."


"[Lydia is] a critical piece of the season," executive producer Jeff Davis recently told Entertainment Weekly. "Her finding her power is critical to the season. That's why we decided to make episodes 15 and 16 a two-part episode around her, which is the breaking-Lydia-out-of-Eichen episode."

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"Amplification" airs on Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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