‘The Girl On The Train’ Justin Theroux And Emily Blunt Spotted Filming Movie On NYC Set

(Photo : Getty Images/ Mike Coppola and Cindy Ord) Justin Theroux and Emily Blunt were seen filming the upcoming film, "The Girl on the Train" in NYC.

Actors Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux were spotted in New York filming their upcoming film "The Girl on the Train," reports The Daily Mail.

Photographs were taken on the set in Irvington, New York, which is about an hour outside of the city.  Justin Theroux was seen bundled up in a black parka while squeezing in a quick shave between filming.

He looked polished and fresh in a crisp blue shirt and black tie.

Emily Blunt was also on set, looking a bit more casual. She was in a gray pea coat with fingerless gloves.

"The Girl on the Train" is the film adaptation of Paula Hawkins 2013 novel of the same name.  It centers on Rachel Watson (Blunt), an alcoholic reeling from a divorce from her husband Tom (Theroux). Tom left Rachel for another woman and had a child with her. Rachel began her descent into alcoholism after she found out she was infertile.

Rachel frequently has blackouts and will not remember large portions of what happened while she was drunk. Rachel has lost her job but continues to commute into the city every day to keep up appearance and for her own voyeurism.

She becomes obsessed with this couple she sees on her commute, but when the girl goes missing, Rachel thinks she knows what happened, but isn't convinced because she was inebriated when she witnessed it.

"I love that your heroine, your lead character is the most unreliable witness in the world because she's a drunk, yet she's right, and nobody believes her. The idea of playing a part like that where you just feel like you're drowning is exciting. I've ever played a blackout drunk before," Blunt said of her role in an interview with Deadline.

Laura Prepon ("Orange is the New Black") was the latest addition to the cast. She plays Cathy, Rachel's roommate who becomes increasingly agitated with her and eventually threatens her with eviction.

"The Girl on the Train" cast also includes Jared Leto and Lisa Kudrow.

It will premiere Oct. 7, 2016 



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