B.o.B Vs Neil deGrasse Tyson: Rapper Claims Earth Is Flat On Twitter, Tyson Fires Back

(Photo : Getty Images/Frazer Harrison) Rapper B.o.B claimed the Earth was flat on Twitter.

Since yesterday, rapper B.o.B has been tweeting about the Earth being flat. In a series of tweets, the rapper has posted photos of time-lapsed star pictures to questioning why we can always see a horizon. The rapper has even directed some of his tweets at NASA, demanding answers to his questions.

While NASA has not responded to the rapper, astrophysicist and pop-culture icon Neil deGrasse Tyson did. Tyson provided answers to two of B.o.B's questions and even managed to throw a little jab at the rapper. Check out Tyson and B.o.B's tweets below.

It's uncertain if B.o.B really believes what he is tweeting or if he's just trolling but based off of this tweet, the rapper isn't listening to anyone's answers.

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