Can Robots Become Mindless Killing Machines? Meeting Discusses Ban

  • Osvaldo Nunez , Design & Trend Contributor
  • Jan, 25, 2016, 01:51 PM
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(Photo : Getty Images/Jeff J Mitchell) Robots are using the powers of technology - YouTube - to learn how to complete a necessary human task.

As robot technology continues to improve, limitations are being broken. Robots can not only walk and engage on their own but nowadays, they are learning to think on their own. This is scary to some.

A meeting held in a Ski resort in Davos, Switzerland between Jan. 19 and Jan. 23 discussed the issue of robots being able to go to war at some point. Present at the meeting was Angela Kane, the German United Nations Representative for Disarmament Affairs. She discussed that we may be late on doing something about the potential problem.

"It is already too late," said Kane at the meeting. "There are many countries and many representatives in the international community that really do not understand what is involved. This development is something that is limited to a certain number of advanced countries."

She argued that robots lack empathy or compassion. This could make their logical decisions very threatening. She also pointed out that robots could replace five million jobs in the coming future.

The supporting point for the advancement of robots is that they would be able to fight wars instead of humans. Sir Roger Carr, chair of BAE Systems, retaliated against the notion, stating, "If you remove ethics and judgment and morality from human endeavor whether it is in peace and war, you will take humanity to another level which is beyond our comprehension."

Countries like the U.S., China and Russia are already working on new technologies that would aid them in war, particularly autonomous weapons. However, experts are worried about the prospect of robots acting and thinking on their own. They also argued that humans would desensitize to the killing of another human being if robots were doing the dirty work.

Should autonomous weapons be banned? What do you think of the notion of robots waging war for humans?

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