David Bowie Predicted Birth Of Kanye West And Two More Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Late Icon

(Photo : Ziggy Stardust )

For many devotees, David Bowie transcended mere mortality. So much did they hope he would simply go on "forever and ever," that his death from cancer last week shocked his legions of fans.

Perhaps it was inevitable that rumors and conspiracy theories would emerge. Here are three.

#1 David Bowie Used Assisted Suicide to Plan His Own Death

According to his family, David Bowie died naturally from cancer. There are reports that the legendary musician had secretly battled liver cancer for about 18 months before succumbing to the disease.

However, despite this seemingly reasonable explanation for his death, there is some Internet chatter suggesting that Bowie might have taken his own life via assisted suicide.

The questions being asked are, "How is it possible that David Bowie managed to hang on just long enough to release his new album, a record obviously created as a finale for his life?"; "Didn't he once live in Switzerland, a country that condones assisted suicide?"; "Why was he secretly cremated without family and friends present?"

A Journal of Musical Things attempts to debunk the theories with several anecdotes including one that Bowie had agreed to appear during a concert in Montreal on the Tuesday following his death so why would he have done that if he was planning on dying on Sunday?

#2 David Bowie's Death Was Predicted In 1977

In 1977, Marc Bolan of T.Rex, had a TV show called "Marc." His special guest on the final show was his great friend David Bowie. To separate segments of the show, the producers used animated interstitials.

(Photo : Marc Bolan Show )

The character in the middle of the front row is wearing a tee-shirt with a black star on the front. Two days later Marc Bolan died in a car accident.

Bowie's last album "Dark Star" was released two days before his death on Jan.10, 2016.

#1 David Bowie Predicted The Birth And The Rise Of Kanye West

A mid-aughts conspiracy theory that claimed David Bowie's 1972 album, "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars," predicted the birth and the rise to stardom of Kanye West has reemerged, according to mic.com.

It began in 2007 when a blog claimed it could prove that David Bowie was the "John the Baptist" of music."

The theory is based on three tenants. First, on the "Ziggy Stardust" album cover, Bowie is seen posing under a sign that says K. WEST.

Second, the lyrics to the first song on the album "Five Years" claim that the world only has five years left before destruction, unless a saviour arrives, a "Starman" to redeem humanity. Five years and two days after the album was released, Kanye West was born in Atlanta.

Third, On Bowie's final album "Blackstar," the third track "Lazarus" is named after a character in the Bible who is resurrected by Jesus Christ. On Kanye's most recent album"Yeezus," his third track is called "I Am a God."

Some commenters have even read further into "Blackstar" and believe West is being depicted literally as a black star.

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