Wearable Tech Gifts For Christmas 2015 From Ralph Lauren, Fossil And More

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Still Christmas shopping for the trendy techies in your life? If so, read on for our list of the five coolest wearable tech products currently on the market.

There are dozens of online reviews making it tough to decide on the perfect wearable technology accessory so we've done the research for you and picked the five most fashionable digital products currently on the market. As a seasonal bonus, they all would make great holiday presents!

Fossil Q

#FossilQ Founder is here! Engineered with @intel innovation and powered by #AndroidWear, Q Founder lets you customize your digital watch face, track your activity, receive notifications and more. Don't worry, it's also compatible with iOS.

The chic line of Fossil Q accessories includes the new Founder style, which has unique touchscreen functionality. It tracks activity, connects to apps and receives notifications. The complete Fossil Q wearable tech collection, which runs from $125 to $295 for the Founder, is currently available from and select stores.

 Hermès Apple Watch

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Back in early October, the highly anticipated Hermès Apple Watch arrived in select Apple stores and Hermès boutiques across the globe, including 15 U.S. stores.

The luxury wearable technology collaboration still isn't yet available online or via pre-order. The double loop Hermès Apple watch currently runs for $1,250, a single loop is between $1,100 and $1,150 and a wider cuff costs $1,500.

The bands are also available in several colors of leather. The product comes in Hermès' iconic orange packaging, making it the first time ever that an Apple product has not come wrapped in a white package. More information on the Hermès Apple Watch is available here.

 UP by Jawbone

UP by Jawbone is amongst our favorite wearable technology lines currently on the market. The UP products work through a well-designed app and stylish activity tracker bracelet to share information and graphics about the user's personal health. Hours slept and steps walked are automatically available daily with no additional effort. You can shop all four versions of UP by Jawbone, which run from about $50 to $200 here.

Ralph Lauren PoloTech Shirt


On Aug. 27, Ralph Lauren's lauded PoloTech smartshirt which claims to blend "modern style with real-time biometric technology." hit the retail market.

The PoloTech smartshirt works through sensory receivers and silver fibers, which are woven directly into the fabric to give the most accurate reading. The shirt tracks a range of stats — including heart rate and variability, breathing depth and recovery, intensity of movement, energy output and stress levels, steps taken and calories burned.

The sensors in the fabric send this information directly to an iPhone, iWatch or iPod Touch with the app, which reacts based on that immediate data. Ralph Lauren's PoloTech shirt is available for $295 here.

 Mira Fitness Bracelet


The Mira Fitness bracelet is a smart accessory that promotes wellness, technology and style all in one product. The stylish wearable tech piece just launched last month.

The "opal" is the digital tracking component of the bracelet and can be worn with other band options. The bracelets retail at $169 with individual settings available for $99. A bundle includes a bracelet, opal and additional setting that sells for $248. The Mira Fitness Bracelet is available here.

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