Dutch Interior Designer Annie Brahler of Euro Trash Talks Career and Believing In Yourself

(Photo : Courtesy of Annie Brahler)


Dutch designer Annie Brahler, the founder of design company Euro Trash, specializes in interior and event design, personal and editorial styling, and project management.

Brahler's career kicked off when she traveled to Europe to find one-of-a-kind items to import to the U.S. for design projects. Her sourcing approach and unique eye for incorporating different styles defined her signature aesthetic that many are drawn to today.


(Photo : Courtesy of Annie Brahler)



Read further to discover Brahler's best career advice and who her design idol is!  


MB: Early bird or night owl? 

AB: Night owl by choice, early bird by necessity!

MB: You start your day with...

AB: I would love to say fresh fruit and a cappuccino, but that is just a dream.

MB: Motivated by?

AB: If I find one piece I love, I can see the entire project. It always takes just one thing for me to take off.

MB: Must have?

AB: A Roomba! I'm Dutch, and obsessive cleanliness is in my DNA.

MB: Favorite item in your closet?

AB: My collection of vintage white rhinestone Bakelite bangles. I wear them with jeans and evening gowns, and they do double duty as art work on my dressing table.

(Photo : Courtesy of Annie Brahler)


MB: Every home should have ________.

AB: A dog.

MB: Latest trend?

AB: I don't follow trends, but gold has always been my go-to neutral.

MB: Ideal vacation spot?

AB: With as much time as I spend traveling, the idea of my own garden and a few deep breaths sounds like heaven.

MB: Travel essentials?

AB: My pillow and my Louis Vuitton jewelry travel case. I'm comfort and accessory obsessed equally.


(Photo : Courtesy of Annie Brahler)


MB: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

AB: I've lived all over the world and have learned to make wherever I am a place of beauty and inspiration. People can make their own dream, you don't have to chase it.

MB: Dream job as a child?

AB: I was moving furniture around as much as I could walk. My job is my dream job.

MB: Idol/Icon?

AB: Kelly Wearstler. She is a genius. 

MB: Favorite quote? 

AB: More is more.

MB: Best career advice? 

AB: People who love you the most will be your biggest hurdle. It's true! They only want to protect you from failure. As soon as I learned that and the fact that everybody does, indeed, fail, I was on my way without the fear holding me back.

MB: Your ideal client?

AB: Impossible to answer! My absolute joy is having the privelege of designing for a spectrum of tastes.

MB: Designer/label you would love to collaborate with?

AB: I collaborate regularly with the incredibly talented Jill Maurice. She might not be a household name, but give her a minute. She will be.


(Photo : Courtesy of Annie Brahler)


MB: _______ keeps you happy.

AB: Gilded anything.

MB: Your perfect day looks like...

AB: Having every single thing I need on site to finish a project, and a day that lasts long enough to finish.

MB: Favorite season?

AB: Summer is my favorite during winter and winter is my favorite during summer.

MB: Book you could read religiously? 

AB: "Pride and Prejudice," but the video version.

MB: If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? 

AB: I have an incredible group of friends and love every second I can spend with them.

MB: Handwritten letters or email?

AB: Handwritten letters.

(Photo : Courtesy of Annie Brahler)



MB: If you could tell your younger self something, what would you tell you?

AB: Trust your instincts, follow your passions and believe in your talents.

MB: Past or future? 

AB: Both. I choose both!

MB: Moment of triumph? 

AB: Every time I see my clients face after an installation. Never gets old.

MB: Something you love most about yourself?

AB: My ability to adapt.

MB: There is too much...

AB: Reproduction junk out there that costs more than something authentic.

MB: Men should always...

AB: Let themselves enjoy fashion as much as us girls!

MB: Women should never...

AB: Say never.

MB: In the end...

AB: Material things should be enjoyed but never needed.

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