Interior and Jewelry Designer Katie Scott Talks Holiday Wish List [Exclusive Interview]

Houston-based interior and jewelry designer, Katie Scott, has been enhancing the lives of her clients since 2005 through design.

Scott is known for creating interiors that are defined. These spaces are energized with color, contain eclectic art and décor, and embody harmony. Scott is appreciated for the way she blends her spiritual style with modern edge in interiors, in addition to how she approaches customizing her own line of furniture and home accessories for her clients.


(Photo : Courtesy of Katie Scott - Designer Katie Scott)


With faith being such a strong force in how Scott lives her life, she developed a meaningful and symbolic fine jewelry line in 2013.

"Designing is my canvas, allowing it to capture not only my passions, aesthetic and style, but that of my clients as well. I believe one of the greatest gifts I can offer clients is stimulation through your home, environment and jewelry — creating a heightened level of sensitivity to your greatest desires in an effort to expose and explore them," Scott stated.

It seems as though Katie Scott's visions continue to make an impact across America, Scott was one of the interior designers commissioned to design a room in this year's Holiday House in New York City.

Read on to discover more about the enthused Katie Scott in our latest Identities. 


MB: Early bird or night owl?

KS: Early bird!

MB: What is your perfect day?

KS: No obligations, sunshine and family.

MB: Everyday must-have?

KS: Coffee.

MB: Favorite item in your closet?

KS: LNA cargo sweatpants, I love comfort!

MB: Every person should have ________ in their homes.

KS: A beautiful scented candle.

(Photo : Courtesy of Katie Scott - Holiday House '15 - Tria Giovan)


MB: Travel essentials include?

KS: A soft blazer, music, book, water and m&m's. 

MB: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

KS: California.

MB: Dream job as a child?

KS: Teacher.

MB: If you could tell your younger self something, what would you say?

KS: Discover and utilize your God-given gifts and never look back.

MB: Latest trend?

KS: Embracing modern design.

(Photo : Courtesy of Katie Scott - Holiday House '15 - Tria Giovan)


MB: Idol?

KS: No idols, but I do have tremendous respect and admiration for Oprah Winfrey.

MB: Your ideal client...

KS: Is someone who is open and embracing change in their course of life. It is a complete joy to help someone enhance a new beginning.

MB: Designer/label you would love to collaborate with?

KS: Restoration Hardware.

MB: Best career advice?

KS: Love what you do. It is a gift when you can turn your passion into purpose.

MB: Favorite quote?

KS: Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

MB: Recent self-discovery?

KS: I am very balanced.

MB: Favorite thing about yourself?

KS: My soul is rich and overflowing with love for God, peace and humanity. 

(Photo : Courtesy of Katie Scott - Holiday House '15 - Tria Giovan)


MB: Season you love the most?

KS: Spring.

MB: Item on your holiday wish list?

KS: To realize my dreams.

MB: Guilty pleasure?

KS: Hot tamales. I love that candy!

MB: Men should always...

KS: Push their ego aside.

MB: Women should never...

KS: Be in a relationship for security.

(Photo : Courtesy of Katie Scott - Holiday House '15 - Tria Giovan)


MB: Most proud of?

KS: Taking leaps of faith.

MB: Happiness is?

KS: Living in spirit.

MB: In the end...

KS: I will smile with excitement knowing I have completed my course on earth, loving and living for a higher power. 

(Photo : Courtesy of Katie Scott - Holiday House '15 - Tria Giovan)



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