Laurel & Wolf Founder Leura Fine Talks Trends, Icons and Career Advice On This Week's Identities

Founder and CEO of Laurel & Wolf, Leura Fine, is featured on this week's Identities.

(Photo : Courtesy of Leura Fine)


Fine is a professionally trained interior designer and has worked under some of the world's leading interior design firms. She launched her own firm Leura Fine Interiors when she then began to observe some gaps in the design industry.

Fine wanted to introduce an innovative model that would bring clients and designers together and thus, Laurel & Wolf was born!

Today, Laurel & Wolf makes interior design easy and affordable for all. Individuals are able to use its unique marketplace platform that offers customers multiple designs for their space from a range of professionals for a flat rate. Fine has cracked the standard interior design system of business and now provides a transformational lifestyle opportunity for everyone, through great design!

Find out more about the entrepreneur on today's Identities.  


MB: First thing in the morning, you...

LF: It's a bad habit but I check my email. Things are always moving at the speed of light at Laurel & Wolf so I like to check in on what happened overnight. 

MB: Coffee or tea?

LF: Coffee. 

MB: Must-have beauty product?

LF: Hairspray and a curling iron. I am a southern girl you know... :)

MB: Favorite item in your closet?

LF: Currently my red plaid Prada pumps but my favorites change every season.

MB: Everyone should have _____ in their homes.

LF: Art and fresh flowers.

MB: Travel essentials?

LF: Hand cream, notebook, lip gloss and laptop.

(Photo : Courtesy of Leura Fine)


MB: Ideal vacation spot?

LF: Any place where there is a body of water and amazing food! Istanbul is high on my list of places to go to next.

MB: Latest trend?

LF: Plaid. Loving plaid everything these days!

MB: Favorite quote?

LF: "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

MB: Book you could read religiously?

LF: "Pride and Prejudice."


(Photo :



MB: Idol/Icon?

LF: Elsie de Wolfe and Martha Stewart.

MB: Career advice?

LF: Go big or go home.

MB: Dream job when you were a child?

LF: I actually wanted to be a sheriff. Then a lawyer.

MB: If you could tell your younger self something, what would you tell you?

LF: You will never be able to please everyone and there is no such thing as "normal." Be yourself and the rest will fall into place.

MB: Your perfect day looks like...

LF: Great conversation, exploring beautiful places and things, lots of laughter and perhaps a good bottle of wine.

(Photo : Courtesy of Leura Fine)


MB: Guilty pleasure?

LF: Cheeseburgers and champagne, preferably together!

MB: Favorite thing you love about yourself?

LF: My creativity.

MB: Recent self-discovery?

LF: I actually need to sleep every now and then.

MB: Women should never...

LF: Judge each other. We have enough to conquer without judging one another.

MB: Men should always...

LF: Be gentlemen. 

MB: Most proud of?

LF: Starting Laurel & Wolf.

MB: Happiness is...

LF: Lots and lots of love. Family and friends are everything.

MB: In the end...

LF: You should never look back and have regrets. Embrace the love, the chaos, the banality, the adventure, the sadness and the ecstasy. People aren't perfect and life is a grand, beautiful adventure. Never take a second of it for granted.

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