Fort Gansevoort Presents S, M, L., Eight-Week Long Artist Residency

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On Wednesday, Nov. 11 Fort Gansevoort presented its latest creative platform, S, M, L. The exhibition merges art and artisanship, while introducing influential talents throughout an eight-week-long artist residency where they will be making and selling their visions.

(Photo : Courtesy of Fort Gansevoort)


S, M, L. is organized by Carolyn Angel and Kat Typaldos, and the participating artists are Julia Zangrilli, Maayan Zilberman and Cara Marie Piazza. Each of Fort Gansevoort's three floors has been converted into unique collaborative environments.

The second floor, S, hosts Julia Zangrilli who is the founder of fragrance brand NOVA. Zangrilli has set up a unisex custom scent bar and an astrological fragrance-making workshop where attendees can modify their own perfumes using natural raw materials.


(Photo : Courtesy of Fort Gansevoort)


The third floor, M, hosts Maayan Zilberman who is the founder and designer of candy line Sweet Saba. Zilberman has created an outlandish library of edible candy and chewing gum that is inspired by chakra and birthstones. There will be workshops offered where customers can watch Zilberman produce candy from scratch and use ingredients thought to have healing qualities.


(Photo : Courtesy of Fort Gansevoort)


The ground floor, L, hosts Cara Marie Piazza where she is providing a color apothecary and natural dye bar for attendees. The apothecary sells locally grown fresh and dried flowers, earth pigments, barks, spices and clays for customers to enjoy at home and she will also be selling a men's and women's lingerie capsule collection. Individuals can seek out Piazza for weekly natural dyeing workshops and a bespoke garment over-dye service.


(Photo : Courtesy of Fort Gansevoort)


Don't miss out on this exclusive collaboration that will be ongoing through Jan. 10! For more information, visit here


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