Nick Martin of Martin Architects Talks Personal Aesthetic and Designing Residential Properties [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Nick Martin of Martin Architects established his firm in '98, specializing in architectural, engineering, interior design and construction administration services.

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Martin is recognized as a leading designer for his quality work throughout New York and his successful completing of several projects in Connecticut, New Jersey and Costa Rica. Martin received his undergraduate education at Harvard's Architecture Discovery program and then attended Pratt Institute where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

The designer experienced a unique childhood growing up in different cities around the world, from Buenos Aries to London. Martin has curated a talent for enhancing ones quality of life through designing living environments with strong conviction and of superior quality.


(Photo : Courtesy of Martin Architects - Patrick Bernard)



Discover what Martin believes every residential property should have in our latest series of The Scoop!

MB: How would you describe your personal aesthetic? 

NM: Timeless, clean, forward-thinking design that allows architecture to be intimate and personal while ringing dynamic and unique. 

MB: What do you believe is "that thing" about your work that attracts clients? 

NM: "That thing" for Martin Architects is that intangible but overwhelmingly clear sense one gets when experiencing one of our spaces: that of conviction, quality of space and materials that mix with the chemistry of the client and the environment. 


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MB: What can your clients always expect from you when executing projects? 

NM: Our clients can expect an unexpected solution that will energize and solidify the entire project, creating a language of its own all with a long-earned experience of green building practices. Martin Architect's clients expect a great design for their property, a venue for an enhanced quality of life that elegantly fulfills their needs and desires. Our contracting company, 4MA Builders, efficiently and accurately ushers the design ideas of the firm into a well-crafted form. 

MB: What do you believe every residential property should have? 

NM: Every residential property should be designed to respond to its naturally existing conditions — its natural light and topography — and the vernacular sought. The plan should provide a balance between intimate and generous spaces in accordance with the lifestyle of the owner. We are particularly interested in creating careful and intimate relationships between the interior and exterior spaces. 


(Photo : Courtesy of Martin Architects - Patrick Bernard)


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