Dinosaur Designs' Co-Founders Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy Celebrate 30th Anniversary, Debut New Collection

(Photo : Courtesy of Dinosaur Designs - Co-Founders Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen)


The Australia-based jewelry and housewares company Dinosaur Designs is celebrating 30 years in the industry.   

Co-founders Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy are the creative masterminds behind the brand's distinctively handcrafted objects. Dinosaur Designs is an internationally recognized company, offering a range of jewelry, tabletop accessories and accent furniture.


(Photo : Courtesy of Dinosaur Designs - Rainforest Collection)


In celebration of three decades in the design business, Olsen and Ormandy are debuting their latest collection, Rainforest. The new assortment features gold and brass jewelry designs and large-scale platters and servers in bold colors. 


(Photo : Courtesy of Dinosaur Designs - Dinosaur Designs Studio)


Read our interview with Olsen and Ormandy to find out where these two love to travel, where they find inspiration and who they would love to collaborate with one day.

Dinosaur Designs have five stores spanning throughout Australia, one in New York City and one in London. And the collections are available to shop online!


(Photo : Courtesy of Dinosaur Designs - Rainforest Collection)


MB: Early bird or night owl? 

LO: Early Bird

SO: Neither

MB: Your perfect day consists of...

LO: A walk and a swim at Bronte beach in the sunshine, followed by a visit to Orchard Street — my favorite juice in Greenfields. Then to the Dinosaur Designs studio, lunch at Vini in Surry Hills. Evening drinks at Icebergs. 

SO: A surf, then studio, then dinner with friends. 

MB: Favorite item in your closet? 

LO: My Dinosaur Designs jewelry, Dries Van Noten and Burberry jackets. 

SO: Board shorts. 

MB: One thing every home should have?

LO: Art.

SO: A library.


(Photo : Courtesy of Dinosaur Designs - Dinosaur Designs Studio)


MB: Ideal vacation spot?

LO: Maalifushi in the Maldives.

SO: Tavarua Island, Fiji.

MB: Travel essentials include...

LO: T-shirt, jeans and a good jacket.

SO: Surfboards.

MB: Dream job as a child?

LO: What I am doing right now, design and art.

SO: Artist.

MB: Guilty pleasure?

LO: Cherry bombs.

SO: I don't feel guilt.


(Photo : Courtesy of Dinosaur Designs - Dinosaur Designs Studio)


MB: Favorite book?

LO: Norton Anthology of English literature on poetry is a must for every library.

SO: Too many to name. 

MB: Idol/Icon?

LO: Mark Rothko.

SO: Matisse. 


(Photo : Courtesy of Dinsoaur Designs - Co-Founder Stephen Ormandy)


MB: Designer/Artist you would love to collaborate with?

LO: Ai Weiwei.

SO: Paul Smith.

MB: Best advice you've ever received?

LO: Honesty.

SO: Keep turning up. 

MB: You're different because...

LO: Everyone has a difference that's what makes us all special.

SO: I am. 


(Photo : Courtesy of Dinosaur Designs)


MB: Latest trend you're into?

LO: Color

SO: Not into trends. 

MB: What keeps you happy?

LO: Love.

SO: Surfing. 

MB: Recent self-discovery?

LO: I don't worry as much as I used to.

SO: Nothing new lately. 

MB: You find inspiration...?

LO: When I rest and dream and reflect on nature.

SO: Everywhere. 


(Photo : Courtesy of Dinosaur Designs - Co-Founder Louise Olsen)


MB: The song in your head...

LO: "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" by Roy Ayers.

SO: "Cajun Moon" by Herbie Mann

MB: Women should always...

LO: Be kind and strong.

SO: Be counted. 

MB: Men should never...

LO: Hate.

SO: Think they are better. 

MB: Favorite season of the year?

LO: Spring.

SO: Summer. 


(Photo : Courtesy of Dinosaur Designs - Rainforest Collection)


MB: If you could tell your younger self something, what would it be?

LO: Be careful of people who want to control you.

SO: Be careful who you trust. 

MB: Most proud of?

LO: My 30th years of design work at Dinosaur Designs.

SO: Having created my own independence. 

MB: Something you love about yourself?

LO: To look for the positive in everything.

SO: Happy go lucky. 

MB: Design aesthetic in 3 words?

LO: Detail, nature, beauty.

SO: Rigorous, simplicity, heartfelt. 


(Photo : Courtesy of Dinosaur Designs)


MB: There is too much...

LO: Pollution.

SO: Hate. 

MB: The future...

LO: Is bright!

SO: Is bright! 

MB: In the end...

LO: Always love.

SO: Its over, so enjoy now. 

(Photo : Courtesy of Dinosaur Designs - Co-Founders Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy)


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