'Masters Of Sex' Season 3 Episode 11: Virginia Dines With Logan And His Wife [PROMO]

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(Photo : Showtime/Masters Of Sex) Virginia Johnson meets Dan Logan's wife in season 2 episode 11 of Showtime's "Masters Of Sex." Get details below.

The introduction of Dan Logan and his romance with Virginia in season 3 has left a huge rift between her and Bill. In episode 10, audiences watched as Bill finally accepted that his research partner is sleeping with their investor. Bill became unhinged, drowning in alcohol and almost having sex with Nora.

In episode 11, it seems like a vengeful Bill will make things worse for Virginia. In a sneak peek video (that you can view below), Bill is seen escorting her to dinner at a fancy restaurant.

However, Virginia is in no mood for a luxurious meal, having been side-lined by Bill in a meeting during the day. Her mood changes from anger and frustration to shock when Bill informs her that he invited Dan Logan and his wife for dinner.

Considering that Johnson is having a romantic affair with Logan, episode 11 appropriately titled "Party Of Four," seems like an interesting one as the four of them dine together.

Promotional photos on Showtime's official website show Bill, Ginny, Dan and his wife Alice toasting with champagne glasses. But in one photo Dan Logan's wife is seen talking to Virginia in what looks like the ladies room. Neither of them looks happy about the conversation. It is highly possible that Alice will exchange a few words with her husband's current lover.

The episode's synopsis, according to TVGuide, states that agendas will collide when Masters, Johnson, Logan and his wife meet for dinner.

Over at the Masters household, a second sneak peek video shows Libby talking to Paul when a person knocks at her front door. Libby Masters opens it to find a detective David Asher asking for her husband.

Libby lies that her husband is out of town. While at first guess many viewers may think that Nora may have framed Bill for sexual assault because of which the police is at his house, this guess proves wrong when the detective demands her that she must wake up her 12-year-old son. It seems like her Libby and Bill's son is some serious trouble.

Watch the promo and sneak peek videos of the upcoming episode below before tuning in to "Masters Of Sex" on Showtime on Sunday, Sept. 20, at 10 p.m. ET.

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