‘Game Of Thrones’ Alum Richard Madden Says He’s ‘Misquoted’ In Interview About Cara Delevingne

Richard Madden and Cara Delevingne
(Photo : Getty Images/Stuart C. Wilson, Anthony Harvey) "Game of Thrones" alum Richard Madden tweeted Cara Delevingne that he was misquoted in his interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, in which he was asked about the actress' now-infamous July interview with "Good Day Sacramento."

Cara Delevingne took to Twitter to hit back at Richard Madden after the latter reportedly called the actress-model "unprofessional" for her now-infamous July interview with "Good Day Sacramento."

"I think it's a little desperate for a grown man to be bad mouthing someone they don't know," Delevingne tweeted according to Page Six. "If you really want attention that badly, try focusing on your own work and not other people's."

Though Madden was not mentioned on Delevingne's tweet, the 29-year-old British hunk -- who played Rob Stark on "Game of Thrones" -- replied to the "Suicide Squad" actress on Wednesday, Sept. 16, saying that he had been "misquoted."

"Hi @Caradelevingne, nothing but respect for you. Misquoted and blown out of proportion. #SlowNewsWeek," Madden wrote.

Delevingne accepted his apology, tweeting, "@_richardmadden thanks for clearing that up! I should have realized x."

On Sept. 8, Yahoo! Lifestyle published a report online, quoting Madden's comments on Delevingne's disastrous promotional interview for her film "Paper Towns."

"It was unprofessional," Madden was quoted saying when asked about Delevingne's viral interview. "It made her seem ungrateful. She showed her age."

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"For 'Cinderella,' I did six weeks of those interviews, where you get asked the same eight questions," added Madden, who played Prince Charming in the 2015 fairy tale film.

The actor reportedly went on to suggest that Delevingne shouldn't have pursued acting in the first place if she can't deal with the necessary publicity that comes with being in films.

"If you're not capable of doing that gracefully, then don't do it," Madden was quoted saying.

Delevingne's interview made headlines because of her sarcastic answers to somewhat condescending questions from the show's hosts. Watch the video below:


Shortly after the disastrous interview went viral, Delevingne took to Twitter to slam those who criticized her. She defended her sarcastic responses, saying they made her more "human."

"Some people just don't understand sarcasm or the British sense of humor," read one of her tweets.

"I am soooooo lucky and anyone who thinks I am unappreciative or ungrateful clearly doesn't know me," she wrote in another post.

She added, "I work really really hard and love what I do, I don't feel like I need to apologize for being human #sorrynotsorry."

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