'Teen Wolf' Spoilers: 6 Burning Questions We Need Answered In Season 5B

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall
(Photo : Facebook/Teen Wolf) Here are six burning questions that need to be answered in the remaining 10 episodes of season 5.

Last month's season 5 summer finale of "Teen Wolf" finally revealed Parrish's (Ryan Kelley) supernatural identity and Theo's (Cody Christian) real reason in returning to Beacon Hills. And though the jam-packed episode answered a couple of long-kept secrets, it also set up some new mysteries that would keep fans speculating until the MTV series returns early next year. Below are six burning questions that need to be answered in the remaining 10 episodes of season 5.

1) Why is Kira in New Mexico?

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Kira (Arden Cho) has been MIA since she left Beacon Hills at the final minutes of season 5, episode 8. But in an interview with Entertainment Weekly shortly after the finale aired, showrunner Jeff Davis revealed that Kira and her mom, Noshiko (Tamlyn Tomita), have gone to New Mexico to determine the problem with the thunder kitsune's inner fox.

"We have a really big episode which is all about Kira and Noshiko going off on their own story to try to figure out how to tame the fox spirit within her," Davis said. "And it takes place actually in the desert in New Mexico where they have to journey."

But why in New Mexico? Is the mother-daughter duo seeking help from someone who lives there? Or are they visiting a certain place where Kira could more easily control the savage fox spirit within her?

2) Why is the Desert Wolf so determined to kill Malia?

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In the summer finale, Malia (Shelley Hennig) learned from Braeden (Meagan Tandy) that her biological mom, the Desert Wolf (Marisol Nichols), is coming back to Beacon Hills to kill her. But why does the Desert Wolf want to kill her own child?

Before finally appearing on screen in season 5, episode 8, the Desert Wolf was mentioned often at the end of season 3 and throughout season 4, but during that duration of time, not even a single clue was dropped as to why the Desert Wolf wants Malia dead.

But since the Desert Wolf works as a trained assassin, it's possible that someone has hired her to take the life of her own daughter.

3) What would be the effects of Scott's "15-minute" death?

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Scott (Tyler Posey) technically died in the summer finale after Theo jabbed his claws into the former's abdomen. But for some unknown reasons, Scott's mom, Melissa (Melissa Ponzio), had been able to bring him back to life 15 minutes after his presumed death.

Though Davis is tight-lipped on how exactly will Scott change following his resurrection, he did confirm to Entertainment Weekly that they are currently exploring what side effects the True Alpha might have from his death.

4) Who is Lydia's new unexpected ally?

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In the summer finale, Theo literally drove Lydia (Holland Roden) out of her mind after he jabbed his claws into the back of her neck in an attempt to get visions of the Nemeton. Davis confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the attack is what sends the banshee to Eichen House in season 5B. And though, she's expected to be locked out at the mental health facility for quite some time when the show returns next year, Davis revealed  that she's going to have an unexpected ally inside.

Dr. Valack (Steven Brand) broke out of Eichen House earlier this season, but Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) and Meredith Walker (Maya Eshet) are still believed to be there, so perhaps, that an expected ally could be one of them.

5) What are the "devilish riders?"  

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Lydia mentioned the phrase "devilish riders" in the summer finale while researching about the ancient myth called the Wild Hunt. TVLine asked Davis if viewers would meet those "devilish riders" in season 5B, but the writer didn't give any definite answer.

Are the "devilish riders" a new threat to Scott and his pack? Or are they characters who are morally on the fence just like Parrish?

6) Who is the "La Bete?"

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"La Bete" (the beast in French) is one of the many creations of the Dread Doctors. But compared to their teenage experiments, this mysterious creature seems to be more powerful and more dangerous.

However, since the "La Bete" is an experiment of the Dread Doctors, it's likely that it's also a chimera. And if the "La Bete" is a chimera, then it was formerly an ordinary human. So who could be the "La Bete?" Could it be a character that viewers already know?

Do you have other questions from the first half of season 5 that you want to be answered in 5B? Share them in the comments section below!

"Teen Wolf" season 5B premieres in January on MTV.

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