‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Spoilers: Marisol Nichols Talks First Day On Set As Desert Wolf

Marisol Nichols
(Photo : Getty Images/Valerie Macon) "Teen Wolf" actress Marisol Nichols (Desert Wolf) revealed that co-star Seth Gilliam (Deaton) wasn't actually on set when she filmed her first scene for the series.

Marisol Nichols made her highly anticipated debut on "Teen Wolf" as the mysterious Desert Wolf in the show's season 5, episode 8, titled "Ouroboros." The 41-year-old actress recently talked to TVLine about how her first day on set went, and it turned out that she did something she's never done before.

"It was very cool when I got on set," she said. "But the guy I was supposed to be shooting with [Seth Gilliam] wasn't there. Like, he just wasn't there."

She continued, "They told me, 'Yeah, we've already filmed his part.' That's never happened in my 20 years of acting. They told me, 'Point the gun and pretend he's here,' but I didn't even know who 'he' was. All I knew was that I was there to kill my daughter, and that was f--ing awesome in the land of evil-ness.

In the episode, the Desert Wolf showed up in an unexpected and terrifying way as Deaton (Gilliam) was about to exit an old lair previously used by the Dread Doctors. She took the veterinarian as a hostage and asked him if he knows anything about the rumors that her daughter, Malia (Shelley Hennig), is still alive.

Good thing Deaton lied and said he doesn't know anything about a daughter, because it appears that no one and nothing can stop the Desert Wolf from killing Malia. "If she is still alive, I'm just going to have to kill her again," the Desert Wolf told Deaton.

So why is the Desert Wolf so determined to kill her own daughter? Just like the viewers, Nichols has no idea. When asked by TVLine how much details she knows about her character, she said, "Nothing. Nothing. I didn't audition with the right sides, so I had no clue what I was doing. All of my audition lines were from someone named Kate (Jill Wagner)."

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She continued, "So I got the part and came to set for that first scene, and I was like, 'Who am I, exactly?' So they explained it all to me about a half-hour before we started shooting. They were like, 'You're the mother of Malia and you're half-coyote, half-werewolf.' (Like, OK, but what does that mean?) I probably watched about 10 episodes after that, just to know who everybody is."

"I start shooting again next week so I'll find out what she's really about," Nichols added.

In season 5B, Malia will team up with Theo (Cody Christian) and Braeden (Meagan Tandy) in dealing with the Desert Wolf.

"[Theo has] offered help to [Malia] in dealing with the Desert Wolf, and she's going to find out that he has more of an advantage than he actually told her, so she's going to need him. So it's going to be some tense alliances, showrunner Jeff Davis told The Hollywood Reporter.

As to how Braeden will assist Malia, Davis told TVLine that she "is the mercenary who's going to help [the young werecoyote] find the Desert Wolf and take her down."

"I can say that episode 514, which we're breaking now, is a big Malia episode," Davis teased. "She's a big part of 511, then 12 and 13 are a step back for her to let things simmer, and then 14 is all about Malia."

MTV hasn't set a premiere date for season 5B yet, but if this installment follows the air dates of season 3, then the supernatural drama might likely return in January next year.

Do you have any theories on why the Desert Wolf is so determined to kill Malia? Share them in the comments section below!

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Entertainment Sep, 12, 2015, 07:08 PM

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