Jay Electronica Takes Shots At Drake And J. Cole, Calls Himself God Of Hip-Hop

Jay Electronica
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While fans patiently wait for Jay Electronica to release his album, the New Orleans rapper is now taking shots at J. Cole and Drake.

During a recent performance in London, Jay Elec took some time to remind the crowd that he is the "God of hip-hop." But it didn't stop with that claim, Jay Electronica also threw some shots and J. Cole and Drake.

"Jay Electronica is the God of hip-hop. You might be the 6 God, but I am the God." The rapper then went on to say, "I'm sorry, but J. Cole ain't got bars like this. I'm sorry, whoever your favorite rapper is, they all know that I'm the God."

Jay Electronica in London at XOYO August 2015 by BKHipHopFestival

Last week, Jay Elec took to Twitter to call out "coward" rappers who glorify violence against their own people.

"Be clear I have zero respect for any so called thug that will bang on his own brother and ppl and community but pussy up when cops come," wrote the New Orleans rapper in a now-deleted tweet.

The rapper also said hip-hop is full of those types of people and also called them "coonery tap dance n**gas."

While Jay Electronica's tweets have since been deleted, AllHipHop.com was able to obtain a screenshot of the tweets. Check out Jay Electronica's tweets below.

"Be clear I have zero respect for any so called thug that will bang on his own brother and ppl and community buy p**sy up when cops come."

"You rapping about blasting one of your own over absolutely nothing. Why you ain't blasting on the judge of the da or the cops?"

Cause you p**sy that's why? And I don't respect you at all. You ain't gangsta. You scared of the true gangsters. F**king slave."

"I hate these f**king cowards. The entire game is full of cowards. And dumb a** coonery tap dance n**gas acting like they bout some kinda life."

"Don't come talking that sh*t my way cause I will call your daddy who you really fear, the WHITE man. And we know you scared of him. P**sy."

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