5 Must-See Art Exhibitions In New York City

(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca)

1. "China Through The Looking Glass" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca / China Through The Looking Glass - MET)


For those who live in New York and have yet to experience "China Through The Looking Glass," you must visit immediately. Located in the museum's Chinese Galleries, Egyptian Galleries and the Anna Wintour Costume Center, the presentation is a powerful examination of the influence Chinese aesthetics has had on Western fashion. 


(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca / China Through The Looking Glass - MET)

(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca / China Through The Looking Glass - MET)


Objects from as early as the 16th century are presented throughout the galleries, revealing beautiful Chinese costumes, paintings, porcelains, art and film.

There are over 140 examples of haute couture and unconventional ready-to-wear from iconic fashion designers on display. Each of them represent the romance, nostalgia and fantasy of fashion, while referencing Chinese culture and aesthetics. 


(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca / China Through The Looking Glass - MET)


The exhibition has been extended to Sept. 7. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is open seven days a week. It is one historical installation that you do not want to miss! 


2. "Not A Painting" and "Psquirmour" at The Hole


One of Bowery's most favored galleries, The Hole, is currently presenting two exhibitions. "Not A Painting" is a group show of wall works that could be subject to the qualities of painting but are not actual paintings. 


(Photo : Courtesy of The Hole - "Not a Painting" Exhibition)


The exhibition highlights a range of emerging artists who have constructed pieces using found materials. Featured artists include Adam Parker Smith, Andrew McNay, Bob Eikelboom, Colin Oulighan, Evan Roberts, Evie Falci, Ezra Tessler, Gabriel Pionkowski, Martha Friedman, Nick Theobald, Radames Juni Figueroa and Will Stewart.

"Not A Painting" is an organized presentation of artworks that commend young artists who approach their work in an unconventional manner instead of staying confined to the limitations of painting. 


(Photo : Courtesy of The Hole - "Not A Painting" Exhibition)


The second installation at The Hole features the works of Holton Rower. "PSQUIRMOUR" is a solo show, exhibiting the artist's distinctive Pour Paintings. Rower's new works, "Squirms," are presented onto wood panels, imitating traditional paintings, while alternating between several color tones. 


(Photo : Courtesy of The Hole - "PSQUIRMOUR" Exhibition / Holton Rower)


The older Pour Paintings of Rower's are the result of pigment poured on the center of plywood. Once dried, the form is dictated by the wood and breadth of the kaleidoscopic paint puddles.

The pieces are mesmerizing and Rower's work lis a treat for the eyes. 

"Not A Painting" and "PSQUIRMOUR" will close on Aug. 9!


(Photo : Courtesy of The Hole - "PSQUIRMOUR" Exhibition / Holton Rower - 5ae7f, 2013)


3. De Wain Valentine at David Zwirner


David Zwirner is exhibiting a collection of works from the '60s and '70s by De Wain Valentine


(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca / Gray Columns - De Wain Valentine / Works from the 1960s and 1970s)

(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca / De Wain Valentine - Works from the 1960s and 1970s)


The presentation underlines the innovative design advancements Valentine has made throughout his career. From being a member of the Light and Space movement, a knowledgeable source for understanding the use of synthetic materials and the developer of a unique polyester resin formula in 1966, Valentine's contributions exceed sculpture.

His scaling sculptures illustrate prismatic effects, playing with depth, space and color. This is the first display of Valentine's work in New York and his first solo presentation in over three decades. 


(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca / De Wain Valentine - Works from the 1960s and 1970s)


De Wain Valentine's masterpieces will be available for viewing through Aug. 7!


4. Jorge Pardo, Jon Pylypchuk, Dirk Skreber at Petzel


The summer show presented at Petzel Gallery consists of three independent installations from artists Jon Pylypchuk, Jorge Pardo and Dirk Skreber. 


(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca / Summer Show - Petzel)


Mexico-based artist Jorge Pardo is exhibiting his atypical talents through computer technology. Pardo is one of the first artists to expand upon 3-D printing in order to create digital scans of the human form. The artist had taken scans of individuals he worked with and created hanging figures to alter the viewer's everyday environments that they've grown to be accustomed to. 


(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca / Summer Show - Petzel)


We found Pylyphchuk's ideas of human personalities depicted across different media to be probing. Representative in both painting and sculpture, Pylyphuchuk transforms caricatures in an abstract state with subliminal focus on love, longing, loss and death.

The Summer Show will be closing Aug. 7 so be sure to visit the gallery in the next few days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

5.  "What Nerve!" at Matthew Marks Gallery


For something really eccentric, check out the "What Nerve!" exhibit at the Matthew Marks gallery. 


(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca / Forcefield - P Lobe Shroud)


"What Nerve! Alternative Figures in American Art, 1960 to Present" focuses on the history of American art. Dan Nadel curated the presentation, aiming to provide an understanding of contemporary art inspired by various influencers of folk and fetishism art styles. 


(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca / Chairy Blossom - Karl Wirsum)


The use of alternative media such as chairs, purses, comic books and video are showcased across four groups of designers' with a common set of ideals.

The Petzel gallery is open Monday through Friday and the "What Nerve!" exhibit will be available for viewing until Aug. 14. 


(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca / Forcefield - R. P. P. L Shroud)




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