5 Tips For Indoor-Outdoor Entertaining from Move Loot Co-Founder, Jenny Morrill

Move Loot Founders
(Photo : Courtesy of Move Loot - Move Loot Founders : Jenny Morrill and Bill Bobbitt)

We're happy to introduce you to Move Loot, the company changing the online marketplace for buying, selling and moving furniture.

Recently launching in New York City and Los Angeles, the online shop is a carefully curated source for second-hand furniture. Move Loot aims to provide a fresh and seamless experience when shopping and selling furniture and home goods online.

This isn't another Craigslist or Etsy scavenger hunt. Move Loot thoughtfully selects stylish, one-of-a-kind, quality merchandise that is actually priced appropriately. Eliminating the hassle of dealing with strangers or misleading product images, Move Loot is today's safe and trustworthy source for pre-loved home furnishings.

And when you are ready to purge your own piece of furniture, Move Loot will arrange to have the item picked up and moved out of your home for you. No sweat off your back, literally.

We chatted with Move Loot's co-founder, Jenny Morrill to find out how she shops Move Loot and entertains for summer.

Read on to find out Morrill's five tips for hosting guests and decorating your indoor-outdoor space! 

1. Light Up the Night


True in any space, lighting plays a huge role in creating an inviting ambiance. Market lights, candles, globe lanterns and chandeliers are all easily accessible, simple to install and create a memorable atmosphere that will make your guests want to spend the night under the stars...or, lights. Wrap these Enkle Designs plant hangers with white lights for a fresh twist on the traditional chandelier. 

Move Look Pick: Medium and Large Ror Plant Hangers


(Photo :


2. Mix it Up


There are a million ways to serve beer, wine and cocktails to your guests that do not involve plastic coolers or kegs. We love the idea of filling a large metal basin with ice as a bit of an adult twist on the basic cooler, and metal shelves or utility carts can make excellent casual bar carts. Up your bartending game with this custom poured concrete and reclaimed wood industrial shelf and serve your summer cocktails with style. 

Move Loot Pick: Aisling Industrial Shelf


(Photo :

3. Set the Table


Unless you're camping or hosting a child's birthday party, your perfectly grilled cuisine and chilled cocktails are too good to sit atop a cheap plastic table, or worse, your guests' laps. Consider bringing the indoors out by selecting a unique table and setting it with linen and pretty china/glassware sourced from thrift stores or flea markets. This of-the-moment rattan table can expand to fit your dinner party and is the answer to all of your patio hosting woes. 

Move Loot Pick: Sham Rock Dining Table


(Photo :


4. Remember a Rug 


Rugs are essential to creating an inviting space that feels less like a concrete slab and more like a living room or dining room. If you have a covered patio, you can easily incorporate a seagrass or kilim rug — both are durable enough to withstand the outdoors. If your space isn't covered, try an outdoor rug made from recycled plastic. 

Move Loot Pick: Fine Fronds Area Rug


(Photo :


5. Think Outside the Box


There's a lot of basic patio furniture in the world, and Move Loot is here to rescue you from another boring umbrella table. Buying used for your patio is the smartest way to stretch your dollar and find unique pieces that will have your guests dying to know your sources, and this amazing bamboo sofa is sure to do just that. 

Move Look Pick: Minerva Patio Sofa


(Photo :


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