David Brian Sanders, Founder Of DBS Interiors, Talks Design [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

David Brian Sanders
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Former New York City executive chef turned interior designer, David Brian Sanders opens up about his career path on this week's "The Scoop."

After spending several years in different occupations and experiencing a perpetual yearning for interior design and architecture, Sanders founded DBS Interiors in 1998 in Los Angeles. With an insatiable curiosity for learning, Sanders actively seeks to further his education through attending courses at local schools.

Sanders shares his love for traveling around the United States and abroad, and he finds new cultures and environments to be a constant source for design inspiration. And in just a few days, David will be traveling to Las Vegas Market to debut his new furniture collection, David Brian Sanders: The Collection. 

Read on to discover what gave him the confidence boost to begin his own firm. 

MB: Who is David Brian Sanders? As an individual and as a designer? 

DS: As an individual I am always looking to grow in body, mind and spirit. I have an inherent hunger for knowledge and many levels of interest in issues that may not always be familiar. As a designer, I am constantly growing and learning, always looking to take that extra course or lecture series on Design + Architecture, Art History and I am a huge fan of the Performing Arts. I am always seeking the opportunity to expand my aesthetic and find new ways to express that newly discovered side of the creative. 


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MB: I understand you were a chef for many years before becoming an interior designer, how do you think this occupation has manifested in your work today?

DS: Culinary Arts is extremely creative, so actually both fields compliment one another very well. As a chef, I was always having to create and manifest new menu items, create new avenues of cooking the staples, like fish, meat and fowl. Food still plays a major role in what I do today, from an aesthetic standpoint. With color, texture and of course, the visual aspect. 

MB: Do you believe you've always had an inherent interest for design?

DS: I have always had an inherent interest in design and an innate ability to combine colors, see scale and proportion and to find the center of a wall, with just a glance. 


(Photo : Rochelle Brodin Photography - DBS Interiors)



MB: Can you recall a significant moment or sign that propelled you to change careers and build your own brand?

DS: When I was about 25 years old and deciding on whether or not to try and start my own interior design business, I called up my dad and said, "Dad I know that I can do more for myself, create more for myself, what do you think if I went out on my own?" My father replied with only these words, "David, if anybody can do this, you can." That was all the encouragement I needed. The rest is history. After several years hosting and staring in several design related television shows and then hosting A&E's new series "House vs. House," the natural next step and progression was for me to launch my own brand, with the mission to be accessible to everyone. 

MB: Where do you seek inspiration? What continues to facilitate your growth as a creative individual?

DS: Most often I seek inspiration from my travels both near and abroad. Some of my favorite cities of inspiration are New York City, Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, Paris, London, Istanbul and I love Berlin. 

MB: Who is your client?

DS: My clients are everywhere. I have worked with almost every kind of client from those who want a one room makeover, to renovating and designing a 50,000-square-foot residence. 

MB: What do you believe it is about your work that intrigues people and keeps them loyal?

DS: I think people find my work intriguing. It is progressive, it is edgy, on trend and most of all, accessible. I work very hard for my clients, my entire team works hard and we service them well. 

MB: How do you differentiate yourself from other interior designers?

DS: The most important difference between myself and most designers is that I am not afraid to step foot on a job site. The idea of taking on a full scale renovation project does not scare me. 


(Photo : Rochelle Brodin Photography - DBS Interiors)



MB: Could you define your aesthetic in 3 words?

DS: Comfortable. Minimal. Accessible. 

MB: Where do you see yourself in the near future, let's say 2-5 years? 

DS: I hope to keep expanding my brand, we have so much in the pipeline right now, from designing outdoor furniture, lighting, textiles and much more. I also see myself expanding the residential and commercial design divisions in Europe and so on. Currently, I am writing a novel of fiction that is dirty, sexy gritty and based in Hollywood. 

MB: What is something people may not know about you that perhaps you would want them to know?

DS: I call my mother almost every single day!

MB: What is the best career advice you could offer to others entering the field today?

DS: Have patience, show gratitude and do it with PASSION. 

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