'Outlander' Book Series Author 'Astonished' By Starz Fan Base, May Write Season 2 Episode

(Photo : Twitter - @Outlander_Starz) 'Outlander' author Diana Gabaldon talks the TV show's fan base.

Diana Gabaldon, author of the "Outlander" novels, is still shocked by the wild success of the Starz TV series, based upon her books.

"I'm frequently astonished at both the extent and the enthusiasm of the fandom, but certainly very happy that they feel that way," she told Zap2it.

"The fans have taken the TV series into their hearts with equal -- if not greater! -- enthusiasm, and it's well-deserved," Gabaldon said. "The show is a marvelous adaptation of the book, and every facet of the production, from writing, directing and acting to costume and set design, has been handled with an artistry, excitement and attention to detail that I've seldom seen in television."

As to why "Outlander" incites such diehard fandom, Gabaldon opined, "There's something really odd about 'Outlander' -- there always has been. People don't just read the books; they live in them. And they share them. 'Outlander' fans who meet each other for the first time are instant friends; hundreds of small (and very large) social groups based on the books spring up, they go to Scotland, they hold events ranging from Highland Teas to huge fan gatherings, they explode with creativity -- fan art, quilts, knitted items, videos, songs, carved jack-o-lanterns featuring a rear view of a nude Jamie Fraser ... and they buy 'loaner' copies with which to infect both friends and strangers. It's very much, 'Read the book; Join the clan!'"

Gabaldon, to the probable delight of many book readers, may pen a Season 2 episode. She told Variety, "I think I could probably learn how to write one, but I don't want to be learning on your time, as it were. It's vital that this succeeds, so this first season should certainly be done by professionals. After that, if we get a second season, I might see."

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