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The tech industry is constantly introducing the latest and greatest gadgets. It is exciting to discover the newest products, as today it seems as though there is a "smart" alternative for just about everything.

Some may say humans are becoming less self-sufficient and way too dependent on the machine, while others suggest the latest developments are positive additions to our lifestyles and overall culture. Regardless of which opinion you may have, I think we can all agree it is fascinating to learn about a traditional product's technological improvements.

This week we've rounded up all the latest advancements, from charging capabilities and baby monitoring to kitchen aids and sound systems. 

For those who like having their favorite songs playing in every room of their home, Beep offers a speaker and dial set that accompanies an app which allows you to connect to any system and play music right from your smartphone. 

While your listening to music and attempting new recipes in the kitchen, June Oven will make your cuisine endeavors all the more enjoyable. This intelligent oven provides top-quality baking, broiling, roasting, toasting and slow cooking right in your own home.

June will become your new assistant chef with its integrated Food ID system. It identifies your dish, weighs it and suggests a cooking program to ensure proper results. You can even monitor your dish from the June app. 

With June Oven, your food will never be over or undercooked again. Your accessories will also never hit low battery again with the charging add-on from brands like Nomad, Siva Cycle and Trunkster.

For those of you with the Apple watch, the Nomad has created a charging stand specifically compatible with the watch design, made of military aluminum and available in space gray or silver.

Siva Cycle has developed "The Atom," which allows bike riders to convert the momentum of their ride into power for electronics. Whether it's your iPhone, Android, GoPro, gps or Bluetooth speakers that needs charging, just hop on your bike for some exercise while your gadgets receive a power boost.

If you are a frequent traveler, you might need a Trunkster next time you go on an adventure. It is the new-age luggage design with a GPS enabled device, USB charging capability and a zipper-less entry.

The suitcase is durable, water resistant and offers an advanced level of theft protection. Its power bank is removable and can be used separately from the Trunkster itself, allowing you to charge with or without your baggage. And you won't ever pay overweight luggage fees again with the design's integrated scale and heavy-duty sensor protection!

If you aren't able to travel as often as you'd like, but you still find yourself constantly daydreaming of your next getaway, there's a new gadget perfect for you. The Atmoph Window will showcase beautiful scenery from around the world in any interior of your choosing.

It is a digital window that allows you to view and hear videos from around the globe, offering hundreds of videos for you to download and enjoy. The gadget can also be controlled using your smartphone or Apple watch. 

For new parents, Sproutling has created a wearable band and communicating app system to monitor your baby. The band features a smart sensor to decipher heart rate, skin temperature, motion and position of your newborn to ensure their positive sleep state.

The design's smart charger is not only wireless, but also allows you to control the baby's sleep environment, including room temperature, humidity, sound and light levels. The app provides useful insight as to when the baby will wake up, and what mood they are currently in. More importantly, it alerts you when there is a significant change in your child's sleeping pattern and when you should be aware of something. Sproutling works for twins, triplets and even quadruplets! 

Ensuring that your baby is in a healthy state is of utmost importance, but the state of your own personal health is just as essential. One of the most common and vital factors of endorsing your well-being is through the consumption of water. Trago has developed the first smart water bottle to measure and help us keep track of our water intake.

The design connects to your smartphone and other wearable devices, allowing you to measure your consumption and reach your fixed hydration goals. Trago assists in deciphering the ideal amount of water that your body needs daily, as it is different for each individual. Trago assists everyone in reaching their optimal level of hydration, revolutionizing our previous beliefs about drinking water. 

Shop from this week's selection of emerging tech products below: 


1. Beep - wi-fi music player : $149.00-$299.00

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2. June Oven - Intelligent Oven : $95.00


(Photo :


3. HelloNomad - Stand for Apple Watch : $69.95


(Photo :


4. Sivia Cycle - Ride Your Bike, Charge Your Device : $129.99

(Photo :



5. Trunkster - The Future of Luggage : $325.00


(Photo : )


6. Kickstarter - Atomph Window 


(Photo : Courtesy of Atomph Window - )



7. Sproutling - The Smarter Baby Monitor 

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8. Trago - Smart Water Bottle : starting at $39.00  


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