Tyler Wisler Talks Family, His Love Affair With Coffee and His Dreams For The Future On This Week’s Identities

With nearly 15 years under his belt, interior designer Tyler Wisler continues to solidify himself as an influential design force. Working and living in the endlessly evolving New York City has facilitated Wisler's cutting-edge aesthetic and growing international clientele.

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With the influence of fashion and an eye for juxtaposing classicism and contemporary elements, the talented creative isn't timid when it comes to pushing the envelope to execute beautiful living environments.

Wisler has been featured on HGTV's "Design Star" and NBC's "George to the Rescue," and most recently, was invited to design an interior vignette for the 11th Annual Design on a Dime benefit hosted by Housing Works in Manhattan.

We're drawn to his daring attitude toward designing stylish interiors and enjoyed tapping into his lifestyle. Read below to discover Wisler's latest trend infatuation, life advice and what makes him happiest!

MB: First thing in the morning? 

TW: Coffee...Oh, yeah, and getting my son up for school!

MB: Favorite item in your closet? 

TW: Denim jacket. I've had it for 15 years, and not anything exceptional, but goes with everything!

MB: Everyone should have ______ in their home?

TW: A husband that cooks.


(Photo : Courtesy of Tyler Wisler Home )


MB: You're inspired by? 

TW: New York City and fashion.

MB: Your ideal day consists of?

TW: Coffee, did I mention coffee?...Then a leisurely day to spend with my family. 

MB: Best vacation spot? 

TW: My bed.

MB: Travel essentials?

TW: My own blow dryer! What's up with the plastic shrink wrap heaters they like to pass off as blowers?!...Oh, and a travel candle, something like Diptyque Figuier is a go-to. 

MB: You must always have?

TW: My phone...Yeah, I'm part of the problem...ha!

MB: Latest trend? 

TW: I love that people are really paying attention to floors and are creating amazing patterned floors.

MB: Icon?

TW: Hm...I don't know.

MB: Best advice? 

TW: Be yourself...Trust in you. 

MB: The song in your head? 

TW: Oh, are we calling it a song now, instead of a voice?

MB: Favorite quote? 

TW: "Stay Different, Stay Weird."


(Photo : Courtesy of Tyler Wisler Home - 2015 Design on a Dime Benefit )


MB: Your ideal client?

TW: One that lets you be the designer and trusts that they hired you to do what you do best.

MB: You're different because?...

TW: I'm not afraid to push the boundaries a bit, that's what being a creative is all about. 

MB: Career in your next life?

TW: I would if I could, be on Broadway! Wouldn't that be the best?!

MB: Recent self-discovery?

TW: This is so dumb...I like oranges. I literally ate an orange the other day, first one in probably 20 years, and I gotta say, pretty enjoyable!

MB: One thing most people don't know about you?

TW: I'm a really big dork. You can't ever take yourself too seriously.


(Photo : Courtesy of Tyler Wisler Home )


MB: Your design aesthetic in 3 words?

TW: Rockstar, sexy, unexpected.

MB: Women should never...

TW: Let anyone ever tell them they can't.

MB: Men should always...

TW: Be kind to others, even if you don't understand them.

MB: Designer or label you would want to collaborate with?

TW: Where do I start? Kohler, John Varvatos, West Elm, Target, who wouldn't I want to collaborate with? Well definitely NOT Barilla, Chick-fil-A and a handful more for their stance on equal rights for all.

MB: Dreams are?

TW: To just be really happy, with no worries of health or money...Yeah, it's a dream.

MB: When you were a child?

TW: I was lucky enough to have a mom that was understanding.

MB: Most proud of?

TW: Our son Paolo for just being, as he puts it, an "Awesome Kid"

MB: A great idea is...

TW: Coffee IVs

(Photo : Courtesy of Tyler Wisler Home )


MB: Happiness is?

TW: My boys.

MB: There is a time and a place for...

TW: Selfies.

MB: There is too much...

TW: Bullying.

MB: The future...

TW: Is wide open and I plan on making it amazing!

MB: In the end...

TW: Love those around you that support you.

MB: Thoughts before bed?

TW: Did I turn everything off, oh, when I wake up it's coffee time again! Hehe!


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